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Niche market for donkey milk soap in F/town 

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 October 2017   |   By Shingirai Madondo
Niche market for donkey milk soap in F/town 

Growing interest for a fairer skin amongst women in Francistown is fostering a potentially lucrative new niche market for 31-year-old Moagi Saube who sells donkey milk soap in the region. Since skin bleaching has a lot of side effects, most women in the area re resorting to donkey milk soap, according to Moagi. Donkey milk soap is good for the skin and has no side effects, he said. “Our sisters want to look meticulous these days. To them, a fairer skin could be her ticket to a better life. And there is no doubt in that because a good looking person has got a lot of confidence,” Moagi said. Women, he said, are sick and tired of cheap black market concoctions that promise to lighten the women’s pigment especially on the face but with a lot of side effects in the long run. “The donkey milk soap has proved that it does not have side effects,” said Moagi, adding that he has been experiencing a brisk business since he started selling the donkey milk soap in June this year. Moagi has since found a niche in selling donkey milk soap. He learnt about the donkey milk soap after seeing an advert posted on social media site, Facebook. He said he quickly contacted the person who had posted the advert and the rest, as they always say, is history.

“We made arrangements and eventually met in Francistown. I only wanted a startup capital of P400 which I borrowed from a friend to start my business,” said Moagi, as he occasionally gets interrupted by customers buying the beauty soap. According to Moagi, the donkey milk soap is good for smoothing the skin and for clearing black spots on the face and pimples. “Our supplier is based in Ghanzi. And time and again he visits Francistown to deliver the product and he has been making life easy for us drivers of the product,” said Moagi, adding that a single smaller bar costs P15 and the larger one goes for P20. He said the product is selling fast because women are obsessed with beauty and want to look elegant all the time. “On a good day, I can make a daily taking of between P700 and P1 000. The fact that the product is selling fast made it possible for me to pay back the loan I got as a startup capital soon after selling my first batch,” he said. Moagi has since taken his business to Maun, Kasane and Livingstone in Zambia.  

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