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SHARE   |   Sunday, 18 January 2015   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Abbie Abbie

Dearest Abbie,

You have not met me before, even though I have met you in the newspapers and in conversations about you. My name is Ndaba Gaolathe, and I am a clerk for a marvellous political movement here called the umbrella for democratic change; but when our members are in a really good mood they call me the secretary general and they call themselves the “Moono generation”, and some say “Moononites”. The newspaper journalists tell people i am the Vice President of this movement, but they are wrong – I think it’s all because the president of our movement Duma Boko has told them that once he is elected president of the republic of Botswana in 2019, and he will be, there is no one around available to help him because everyone is quite busy with very important matters; so he has turned to me since he thinks i have a bit of time in my hands to assist him. i suppose anyone who assists a president is called vice president. You should meet him, i mean duma boko, I have no doubt you will like him. He is quite a gentleman, and when he is in a good mood he deploys pristine speech and language, but this upsets some people and they accuse him of using “bombastic” words. to be fair i don’t know what bombastic means, neither do i think anyone knows what it means. That is all by way of introduction to you.


After i learnt about you i tried to contact your family to seek permission to meet with you. i was sad to be told i would have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to make contact with you. It would of course be worth it to cross the ocean, but i am itching badly for my words to reach you at the earliest opportunity. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but i also think the pen is timeless and boundless. That is why you now read this letter as if these words emanate and are spoken from within and to your own heart.

You are admired across the world Abbie, for your courage and grace. Your pictures and the smile you exude are our teachers. They teach us that the spirit of courage is greater than the spirit of fear. Many people are afraid of things that are completely harmless, but you were able to overcome the condition the doctors say you are experiencing, by shear faith. This alone, Abbie, is victory. You have defeated your condition hands down. It did not put you down, and look at you – your head is held high. You have no idea what this done to many people here, especially young people. You have shown them that hope is more powerful than despair, and you have become the pristine testimony of the resilience of the human spirit.


We know where you get this from, and it most certainly must be from your mom. What a mom – she and her friends are hauling the entire world to a complete stop and telling it that “you will not move, and nothing will be allowed to move until our special girl receives the care that she most deserves”. They are at it, and it will happen, we will all come together as one, to make sure you receive the treatment that will allow you to be well again, fully well, a hundred percent.

You must meet the moononites, I mentioned them to you, hundreds of thousands of them, many, and when they are together, they are as many as a colony of ants. They know about you and have asked their clerk to transmit this message as their own encouragement to you. They have asked me to assure you that you are one of them, one with whom they plan to change the world and shake the world. They say they have decided to do this by themselves (change the world) and will no longer wait for anyone to do it for them. They tell me they can be the best in the world at what they do, and they can bring out the best in each other and make their country a place that everyone anywhere else will wish to emulate. They say there is no way they can pursue and achieve these lofty dreams without you, Abbie. You have already shown you can shake the world and we will need you to help us shake it some more to make good our dreams for so many more of our people.


I have to tell you, the moono generation can be a naughty lot sometimes – once in a while they say they will do something and they don’t do it. Don’t tell them i reported them to you. Take this from me though, when it really counts, they actually do step up to the plate. And they have asked me to promise that more than three thousand of them (3000 plus), will donate P50 or P100 into your medical account which I will keep in full display on my face book wall. Each one who donates will send an inbox or post their name on my wall so i can convey you the full list when this is all done.

We will pray for you, knowing you will be well in no time young Abbie. Ohh, please send me some names of songs you really like – I suspect your musical taste buds are better than mine – and your music collection can do me some good. You see some say I am a pretty boring fellow, and I read on some walls some calling me “Mr Otsididi”, and that’s how bad the situation is. With your kind of music on me, they will no longer have a way to poke fun at me.


Until we chat again, take good care of you and mom.

Your uncle,



Please note: This letter was written by Umbrella for democratic Change Secretary General Ndaba Gaolathe . Abian’s account number is Abian Ntshabele, FNB account# 62263884291, Main Branch.

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