Maun grapples with the land question

SHARE   |   Sunday, 18 January 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Moremi Moremi

Being the tourism capital of Botswana, Maun has overtime attracted interest from many across the country, this has resulted in a scramble for land in the tourism town and nearby village.  Locals have been left landless after being enticed to sell their plots to the moneyed and those looking to invest in the region.

Tawana Land Board has thus far suspended all land application due to backlog. Allocation of land itself is moving at a very slow rate.


As if this was not enough, locals who are already landless and are struggling to secure new residential plots are accusing Tawana Land Board of allocating their plots, which they had long acquired from the same land board to new people.

Maun West Member of Parliament Kgosi Tawana Moremi told this publication in an interview that the issue cropped up in various meetings he held in Maun and in the outskirts. According to Moremi the people of his constituency were dissatisfied with the quality of services they got from Tawana Land Board and had appealed to him to intervene. “The land issue is a serious one in this region, it is very unfortunate Tawana Land Board would be that reckless in its dispensation of services when the people need it the most” said Moremi.


However when reached for comment Tawana Land Board Public Relations Office indicated that they were not aware of such cases as none but only one was reported to the Land Board. “the PR office is only aware of one case, which was referred to the board and was resolved, we urge anyone who may have such complaint to approach the land board and register their plight” said the PRO.

However Moremi has vowed to advocate for his people’s pleas during his term as the area MP adding he will not rest until all is resolved.


He expressed displeasure on how government is treating the pertinent issues of the people of Ngamiland lightly even though they touched on their basic human needs like shelter and food.

The Human-Wildlife conflict in the area he says was one of the root causes of the adverse poverty in the region. According to Tawana, while people try to access available government programmes in Agriculture like LIMID and ISPAAD, their efforts are then thwarted by roaming wildlife. “When one enrolls for the ISPAAD program and plough their fields, they are then forced to watch helplessly as elephants trampled their crops leaving them with nothing to take home, the same goes for LIMID, the non-existent buffalo fence make it easy for Buffalos to transmit Foot and Mouth Disease to domestic animals, some of which are sourced through the program” said Moremi.


Other issues that Moremi vows to address he said, include lack of efficient transport and communication modes as shown by bad and sometimes no existent roads in the region. The availability of portable water according to Moremi is also an issue that needs to be attended to with urgency in the tourism town.

Moremi is conducting a series of consultative meetings in his constituency ahead of the February seating of the 11th parliament. He said the purpose of the meetings was to thank the electorates for voting him to represent them yet again and to discuss the state of the Nation Address with them.

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