"I have nothing to do with Vusi's death' - Bakang Seretse

SHARE   |   Thursday, 22 February 2018   |   By K. Ngakaagae
"I have nothing to do with Vusi's death' - Bakang Seretse

Our client, Bakang Seretse, wishes to respond to a front-page story carried in your issue of the 18th February, 208 (Issue 262) headlined “ Seretse Questioned by SA Police”. Citing a South African Publication, a suggestion is made that our client could have possibly caused the death of the deceased on account of differences over a “suspicious” account. Client wishes to state, unequivocally, that there is no connection between the case running before the Broadhurst Magistrate’s Court and the death of his former business partner, Vusi Mhlanzi. No facts have come to light, within the context of the case, on the basis of which any connection could be drawn between the two. Early this month, , our client brought to the attention to the Commissioner of the Police information that elements within the main government intelligence agency (DIS) were promoting a story, in South Africa, at public expense, against him in terms whereof he could be held responsible for the killing of Vusi Mhlanzi. The design was, and still is, to stoke anger and vengeance in the family of the deceased the ultimate objective  being to have client killed by the deceased’s person’s family thereby quelling the fires surrounding the P250 000 000, 00, National Petroleum Fund Case running before His Worship. It is unsurprising that so shortly after the complaint, such a story is circulating. To our client, same is a confirmation of the sympathetic leaks by patriotic and well-meaning intelligence officers privy to the plot mentioned in the complaint letter. Our client fears that the ultimate design might be to cause his death in South Africa, and then to blame it on his former business partner’s family.
It is true that our client has been in contact with the South African Police. We wish to state, however, that contrary to th

e headline, he has never been questioned by the South African Police. Their S.A. police enquiry merely concerned information of a general nature regarding the deceased’s business dealings in Botswana ostensibly as part of their background investigation and in no way amounted to questioning but rather, solicitation of information. It must be noted that our client has never been asked by the South African police to submit for an interview or an interrogation. Further, the same have never demanded his physical attendance and he has never been advised or cautioned that he is a suspect regarding Vusi Mhlanzi’s death. The Author of the Mail & Guardian story is an individual with known local connections and the motives behind such a malicious report are being investigated. For the record, our client wishes to state that he has nothing to do with the death of his former business partner, Vusi Mhlanzi (May His Precious Soul Rest in Peace). Our client undertakes to cooperate with any Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) request and even, with any direct enquiry by the South African Police outside the MLA process.

*Ngakaagae is attorney for Bakang Seretse