Stop selling plots, Tlokweng residents told

SHARE   |   Monday, 28 May 2018   |   By Bakang Tiro
Batlokwa Deputy Chief, Kgosi Michael Gaborone Batlokwa Deputy Chief, Kgosi Michael Gaborone

       Kgosi Gaborone decries high rate of selling residential plots


       Concerned about escalating crime in the village

Batlokwa Deputy Chief, Kgosi Michael Gaborone, has expressed serious concern over the alarming rate at which residential plots are being sold by Batlokwa and has pleaded with his tribesmen to stop the tendency.


Kgosi Gaborone made the call during Kgotla meeting recently, charging that despite shortage of land in the village some people were selling their plots away which leaves them impoverished at the end because the land board does not allocate them plots again.

“We are experiencing shortage of land as a Batlokwa but a portion of land that is given to each and every one of us should be taken care of. Land is a valuable property which one can earn a living from without just selling as it is the case with some of our fellow tribesmen,” declared a disgruntled Gaborone.


He pointed out that the rampant issue of selling land dates back to the early years of 2000 but it has worsened now. This, he said, is creating serious problems because in some settlements such as Letlapeng the plots are sold to non-Batlokwa who are now hundred percent owners while Batlokwa have no place to stay.

Regarding agricultural land, Gaborone encouraged people to use the land for commercial purposes such as farming or loan the land to relatives who can be able to utilise it for farming purposes. He urged Batlokwa to share ideas with stakeholders such as Government and land board on how the remaining portion of land can be shared accordingly amongst the people who don’t have residential plots yet.


For their part morafhe suggested that some part of land should be taken away from large plots owned by non-Batlokwa such as from the Khama`s Ruretse farm and be given to Batlokwa. Commenting on the discussion, Dr Letshwiti Tutwane proposed that a task force be formed to consult with government on behalf of the morafhe.

“Tlokweng is faced with shortage of land but there is adequate land owned by outsiders while our own people are suffering to acquire just one piece of land. This issue should be addressed amicably with a task force sent to the government and the ministry responsible for land,” he said.


Meanwhile, Kgosi Gaborone decried the increasing level of crime in the village and called on morafhe to join forces with bogosi and the police to fight it.  

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