Seretse Play comes to Francistown

SHARE   |   Friday, 22 June 2018   |   By Bakani Mosojane
Seretse Play comes to Francistown

Entertainment starved city of Francistown will on the 21st and 22nd of June present to its theatre loving and those seeking alternative indulgence from alcohol, an opportunity to enjoy a rare theatre performance.

John Mackenzie School students have put together an ensemble of their novice actors,  that will bring to the stage, on the above mentioned dates a play called “Where It All Began”.  This is a play which is an adaptation of the huge profit making 2016 release hit movie,  “A United Kingdom” -  a movie based on Michael Dutfield’s novel, ‘A Marriage of Inconvenience’. it depicts a story that is factual, about the Republic of Botswana’s first president and paramount chief of the Bangwato people, Seretse Khama and his wife from Britian, Ruth.  The film “A United Kingdom” highlights the prejudices inequalities and atrocities of the British colonization in Botswana and reflects a narrative of how Seretse pioneered the rebellion and contempt against British.


The movie “A United Kingdom” focuses on the political aspect of the social upheaval going on in the country under British control.  The Play ‘Where it all Began” takes a new and refreshing vantage point by analyzing and focusing on the love aspect of Seretse and Ruth. This love in the play is reflected through poetry and dance as well as singing.  In the play the past and the contemporary ideas are ‘married’, highlighting the love inherent in Ruth and Seretse’s liaison and how it transcended racial tensions to form an all encompassing and inclusive nation. 

The play promises to be rich in spectacular dancing as dance coach Aquino has been brought on board to coach the actors with modern dance. The play ‘Where it all began’ is directed and produced by Ms. Candice Fulele. Ms. Fulule holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Theatre, and is currently employed at John Mackenzie School.  She is very passionate about theatre and has a number of theatre productions under her belt. She implores Francistown residents to come in large numbers to support this production, as it will be an evening to cherish and remember.    

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