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SHARE   |   Thursday, 19 July 2018   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Modise Modise

… As Tshego Modise moves to UK to serve De Beers as Market Insights and Analysis Manager 

While some believe the sky is the limit, for high achievers like Tshego Modise the opposite is the case. The outgoing Debswana Head of Internal Audit never stops exploring possibilities and is now flying beyond the sky to get to even greater heights.


Modise has been seconded to the De Beers London Office where she will serve as a Market Insights and Analysis Manager. Her tenure will run for two years.  She is excited about this new appointment and says it is exactly what her career needed.

“After 16 years in Internal Audit, nine of which being head of the department; I had reached the ceiling in so far as progression was concerned. I would say this is really a welcome move,” she said.


Speaking to this publication before she left for London at beginning of July, Modise said such an opportunity would not have materialised if it wasn’t for the enabling environment that her employer has deliberately put in place to ensure employee empowerment.

She attended training for leading executives last year in which they were challenged as leaders to make a presentation about the change they think they can deliver and she strongly advocated for a change in strategy and presented her final leadership manifesto.


“It was sort of a dissertation where I outlined in detail how I foresee my journey going forward and even enquired if there were any opportunities open to make it happen. And fortunately this came at a time when the organisation itself had embarked on the HeForShe gender empowerment drive and when this opportunity came up it was only natural that I put up my hand,” she said.

And now as they say it, the rest is now history.  Besides taking her out of the comfort zone (Audit) the new post is opening up a whole new world of opportunities to this ambitious trailblazers.


According to Modise, as a Market Insights and Analysis Manager, the crust of what she will be doing is based on understanding the market. She will still be playing in the bigger real diamonds mining space just like at Debswana.  Her role will deal with understanding what they have in relation to what the market wants and how to respond to it.  

A self-confessed sucker for new knowledge, Modise is more than ready to learn new ways of doing business in a field that is totally new to her.


The space she is going into has not been fully explored by Debswana. Nevertheless she is adamant that she will be able to cope perfectly well and add value to the De Beers Family.

“I didn’t get to where I am currently, by mistake,” she said, adding that she intends to validate just that. Her training as an auditor will come handy because with so much research and strategising, one needs to be thorough about the information they present for use.


“That is where the auditor in me will kick in,” she said, noting that she is mindful of the fact that she is expected to add value to the company and she is ready to deliver.



She emphasised that hard work and attitude are the rightful ingredients for success. “Aspire but make sure you put in the work; if the attitude is right you are halfway there,” she said.



Staying and experiencing the fast and advanced life of London may sound hard to resist, but Modise vows that hers is a mission big enough not to be interrupted by even by the lights and glamour of London. She insisted there is a lot she can still do for her country while here in Botswana. “As it stands I want to go and learn and bring the knowledge back home,” she said.  

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