BNYC staff lose jobs

SHARE   |   Sunday, 01 February 2015   |   By Staff Writer
Raletsatsi Raletsatsi

A number of Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) staff is expected to lose their jobs in the next few months, it has been revealed.
Some of the staff members at the youth body have disclosed that they have been told that some will not have their contracts renewed. Most of the contracts are said to be expiring by end of this month (February).
Meanwhile BNYC Executive Director, Benjamin Raletsatsi has said in a press statement that they are in a transformation process meant to improve the services provided by BNYC.
 “As previously communicated to the young people, youth development stakeholders and members of the general public, the Botswana National Youth Council is currently undergoing a transformation exercise in an attempt to realign and refocus its mandate to the new strategy of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture,” he said.
Raletsatsi said the BNYC is an agency of the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture and both the Council and the Ministry are involved in this realignment exercise. The realignment will include HR, Finance and other processes to help BNYC deliver quality services.
“As already indicated in our previous communication the transformation exercise continues to effect changes at three different levels of BNYC operations: (A) Governance Level – the Executive Committee and District Youth Committees (DYCs); (B) Secretariat and District Level Operations (C). In light of the above, The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture and the Botswana National Youth Council have been implementing critical decisions as part of the transformation process that is aimed at enhancing service delivery as follows:The DYCs are to work closely with the Ministry’s District Coordinators to mobilise youth in the Districts for government programmes and services, this will empower youth leadership at District level; The BNYC District staff members are now accountable to the Ministry’s Coordinators at the District Level. As per this exercise, the BNYC Staff and MYSC will be moved accordingly to rationalise and maximise service delivery; The Ministry’s Coordinators are currently working with the BNYC District Staff members to take inventory of all the BNYC assets at the Districts to ensure maximum utilisation of assets such as office space for effective and efficient service delivery at the district level; All major BNYC events related to governance be halted pending the conclusion of the BNYC transformation process. Other  events  such  as  Month  of  Youth  Against  AIDS  (MYAA)  will  continue  to  be implemented at all levels,” he said.
He said given that the BNYC is a public organisation that deals with a significant population group,” it is inevitable that speculations regarding our operations would be in the public domain. However, we wish to reassure young people and youth development stakeholders that this process is being given the seriousness and commitment it deserves. We will continue to share the Vision of the Council and provide clarity on the role of the BNYC in youth development as we move ahead with these changes”.
By press time, efforts to get a comment from BNYC Chairman Louis Sibanda were futile.

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