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CJ applauds UB law department

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 24 October 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Rannowane Rannowane

Chief Justice Terence Rannowane has applauded the University of Botswana (UB) Department of Law and the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers (ANCL) for organising the 2018 Biennial Conference on constitutional law in Africa. “I want to also note that I and my fellow compatriots, judges from other jurisdictions, have been invited here to drink from the same cup of knowledge with some of the finest legal minds in Africa,” said Justice Rannowane, giving a keynote address at the start of the three day conference on October 11, 2018.

According to the University of Botswana oHYPERLINK "https://www.facebook.com/UbMmadikolo/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARBq1DOb1wIwypt4tqBIQvRa3e6AQIPknP7RJYUB2n-lo8G3jzMKNEg1dYnRA8AO-5C0TvOkJN75ZFNZ&hc_ref=ARRKN3YzwgtEfngEHn5BYKkb2qDjMJtMFWiAkj6NonWN8op5Im-5RWlXoKMoRwONwog&fref=nf&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAkhzzrPOCs9jSK0-D_ssoj6xkTI6go4wZuDjN307h3awiBOWLp2ot_2HLpN7ZSKOhKNwEjcnWyuQePVwmIp0oFG1W7PuGp0oAss6AEdNtdcgn_WqnhMDMOFDUUsszDL9zrzj_tqmvXdVimUPsy6Xs2TVadW-xdbhwlI9GKFuySHvRwWM3cF1D4wmeFeoXzFM2poY4BXJ0wC3nmMCKJKBS5"fficial facebook page Justice Rannowane said conferences of such nature are without doubt a great reference point to judiciaries the world over. He said that was because they were usually a platform for robust discussions and critical reflection on important issues. The Chief Justice observed that it was during such conferences that critical studies, research and literature on the work that courts did were in fact conceived. 
“As a result, conferences of this nature should be encouraged, supported and nurtured by all those who are involved in this project called democracy, democratisation, the rule of law and state building,” observed Justice Rannowane.


Consequently, he expressed optimism that the 2018 conference would result in influential literature that would be of great value to lawyers, law students, policy makers, justices of today and of future generations.

Speaking at the same event, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr Oatlhokwa Nkomazana, said she was delighted that the conference came at the right time because constitutionalism was becoming an important part of governance in Africa.


Dr Nkomazana also lauded the UB Department of Law for organising the conference an effort she said was in line with the University’s internationalisation policy. She said UB was striving towards striking collaborations and reaching out to industry so that the education, research and training it embarked upon were of high quality and relevant to society.


Giving an overview of the conference ANCL Chairman, Professor Enyinna Nwauche, said this year’s conference was held in Botswana in recognition of the country’s celebrated democratic ideals. Professor Nwauche described Botswana as Africa’s success story in terms of democracy, rule of law and constitutional law.

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