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Ngwira empowers the girl child

SHARE   |   Thursday, 01 November 2018   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Ngwira Ngwira

Except for a Botswana Defence Force (BDF) camp in the area, the name Rakhuna -a small village in Borolong -does not ring a bell in most of people’s ears.

Poverty is a fact of life for many people in Rakhuna and heart wrenching for school going children who depend on food rations to survive. According to a 2010 report by Statistics Botswana on ‘Mapping Poverty in Botswana’ poverty level was at 48 per cent in Rakhuna, despite the small population of just 848 people.


Growing up in the village, 24 year old Alice Ngwira didn’t wait to settle down after graduating and landing a job as a Claims Technician at Hollard Insurance Company, but immediately rolled up her sleeves to help fellow compatriots. Ngwira has adopted Montshiwa Junior Secondary School in Pitshane for 12 months to try and help students from Rakhuna village to have quality education.

As part of adopting the school, Ngwira said she will be donating sanitary pads to female students and mobilising companies and individuals to donate shoes, uniforms and food hampers to the needy students. “The project will not only focus on donating items but my plan is to also  introduce mentoring programs for students. I want to help create a conducive learning environment for the students,” she said with confidence.


Ngwira said she was motivated by extreme poverty which led to high numbers of teenage pregnancies to start the project and contribute to the village that brought her up. “Most of the children that go to Montshiwa JSS come from Rakhuna. I have seen where they live and how they live and extremes that they go to in the hope to get a better life. Teenage pregnancies are so high and the rate of HIV infections is heart-breaking. So, I want to make things better. I know I cannot fix everything all at once but I can do a bit to help and together as a nation we can achieve more to help kids in remote area,” she revealed in an interview with this publication.


She called on companies and individuals to help make the project a success to help alleviate poverty among fellow citizens.

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