Khama responds to Masisi SONA; offers hope for peace

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 November 2018   |   By Dr Ian Khama
Khama Khama

It is regrettable that the statement given on the occasion of the SONA about the situation concerning two parties (Khama/Masisi) reflected only on one side without consultation with the other in order to give the nation a balanced perspective of progress on reconciliation or the lack of it.

The Former President’s version of events is that the transition went very smoothly as acknowledged both locally and internationally in that it was a transition from an incumbent leader to his successor. The transition took place in the period leading up to the 1st April 2018 when Masisi became President and Khama a Former President. That is when the transition ended. The period after the 1st April to date is post the transition as the leadership change had already taken place.


The reference to the elders intervention not bearing fruit is partly true only because the current administration has constantly been engaged in actions against the Former President which continued even after the elders were initially brought in, casting doubt on the administration’s sincerity, genuineness and commitment to reach reconciliation.

These actions, wrongful in nature, were proven as such by the recent private and public apology given by the administration for one such wrongful action and the reimbursement on its part for another. However it is the opinion of the Former President that these and other very recent positive developments led by Mr. Patrick Balopi representing the elders and other senior government officials has started to bring a turning point for the better in the situation. Unfortunately the misleading statement in the SONA does not reflect this latest situation.


In conclusion the Former President welcomes the role the elders have played thus far and wishes to thank them for their time spent and their effort in this regard and encourages them to remain engaged. The Former President further applauds the efforts of others attempting to resolve this undesirable situation and remains confident and committed to a resolution that will be arrived at hopefully sooner rather than later and to achieve this urges both sides to refrain from actions that may be detrimental to achieving a positive outcome.

*Press Statement from Former President Dr Ian Khama’s Office    

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