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Social media: A health risk!

SHARE   |   Thursday, 08 November 2018   |   By Bakang Tiro
Prof Noakes Prof Noakes

Patients currently control all aspects of their interactions with the medical profession as they dictate the way they want to be assisted health wise without paying attention to the special advice of a trained medical professional. This is mostly influenced by the Social Media through the abundant access of The Internet.

South African-based Scientist, Director and Founder of The Noakes Foundation Professor Tim Noakes said this when giving a keynote address under the topic “The pending revolution in Medicine: How social media, the internet and the nutrition revolution have irrevocably changed patient ‘perceptions of what constitutes medical care’’ in Gaborone this week.


The lecture focused on how the nutritional feeding means has changed and its outcomes and how social media shapes perceptions of the patients towards medical treatment as well as the trend in which it influences individuals’ way of living.

Prof Noakes charged that the Social Media era has brought up different perceptions and approach on how people diet, receive treatment and cure based on what they read and see from the new media, hence this leads to a number of serious trending diseases such as sugar diabetes, extreme obesity and cancer.


He said it is very important for individuals to change how they consume social media health tips as this sometimes put their health at risk since most of them are not valid.

“New media has typically brought a revolution by the patients on how they respond to medical needs and this also comes with continuous health posing threats and changed nutrition landscape of the patients, because they end up taking a diet that is not in line with the kind of a disease one should treat. However, the new media also comes with some positivity in availing information about how patients can live positive and healthy as well,” he said.


Professor Noakes indicated that the changing habit in nutrition and diet across the world is a cause for concern because a lot of diseases come as a result of the evolution. Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity are cited as the outcomes of the change in nutrition and diet.


He said it is high time there is reduction in consuming more starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice and sugar and meat as well, saying vegetables and fruits should be the most consumed form of diet because of their rich nature of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they resist most of diseases to attack the body.

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