Ministers lose appeals

SHARE   |   Friday, 16 November 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Seretse, Butale, Kgathi and Ralotsia Seretse, Butale, Kgathi and Ralotsia

This week members of the Botswana Democratic Party’s Appeals Board are said to have dismissed most of the appeals that were brought by most the incumbent Members of Parliament, mostly cabinet ministers who lost the party’s primary elections.

Most appeals fell out on grounds that appellants didn’t follow proper procedures.

The Appeals Board has overturned a decision by the North East Regional Committee that had recommended a re-run between Biggie Butale and the winner of the primary elections chairman of the BDP Youth Wing Simon Moabi.`

“The reason that these guys lost their appeals is that they failed to follow the election procedures, which state that immediately after the results are announced they must declare whether they accept or not accept the results. Most of them launched their appeals days after the results had been announced,” revealed a member of the appeals committee.

BDP Secretary General Mpho Balopi said that the Appeals Board has completed its work in regard to the elections appeals.

“The Central Committee is meeting on Wednesday and that is when the board will present their report to us and then discuss it,” he revealed.

Among ministers that were pinning their hopes on a positive outcome of the appeal are Defence, Justice and Security Minister Shaw Kgathi; Presidential Affairs Minister Nonofho Molefhi, Agriculture Minister Patrick Ralotsia, Infrastructure minister Vincent Seretse, Water and Sanitation minister Kefentse Mzwinila, his assistant Itumeleng Moepisi and Tertiary Education Minister Ngaka Ngaka.

Though President Masisi has gone on record declaring that some of the candidates that won the Primary elections against his ministers were not good enough to replace them at Cabinet, he will find his hands tied to revise the outcome of the appeals panel.

This sets in a new danger to his already strained presidency because with the ministers now disgruntled they may join forces with a faction of the party that wants to topple Masisi from presidency. The party has fallen in difficult times, particularly with former President Ian Khama seemingly unhappy with the way his successor has been treating him. His loyalists are lining up against Masisi and even threatening to ensure that he does not get nominated to run as presidential candidate in next year’s General elections. They have a ready and waiting ally to conveniently work with to frustrate Masisi.

Motion of no confidence

It is anticipated that the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Duma Boko will re-table his Motion of No Confidence against President Masisi.

Information gathered by this publication and collaborated by highly placed sources close to both Boko and former President has shown that, the LOO got some information from the previous administration to build a strong motion against Masisi.

“He is mostly going to expose the donations that Masisi received while he was VP and some of the properties bought for him by some business people,” confided a source.

Boko is allegedly weaponised with classified information – which will make his motion more researched and lethal than the previous one.


Asked if he has been provided with information by Khama, Boko denied that but said should there be such need he will approach him.

“And let it be known that in my entire life I have never been to Mosu and wonder where people get that information from,” said Boko who denied that he is financially sponsored by Khama.


Former President Khama had revealed that he had sought legal advice from Boko, especially regarding the refusal by the current administration to employ former Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Isaac Kgosi as his private secretary.

To show that he is building his case, in response to SONA, Boko said they want a forensic audit on the National Petroleum Fund (NPF).


“The State was swindled no less than 240 million Pula. So far only three pawns in a grand scheme of looting are facing prosecution. The President has now become a recurrent decimal in the NPF saga. He must account. He must face up to Rapitsenyane’s question and account and atone,” he said.

During the initial Motion of No Confidence, some BDP legislators dismissed Boko as a hired gun with assistant Minister of Tertiary Education Fidelis Molao almost letting the cat out when he accused Boko of rubble rousing for certain people. “This Motion has been brought to the House and I opined that the mover of the Motion is a hired gun and I stick by it. He is doing the bidding for certain people, and it is very dangerous Mr Speaker,” said Molao, refusing to state those certain people.