BTC on-boards new Satellite

SHARE   |   Friday, 30 November 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Sivako Sivako

BTC’s technology transformation has reached new heights with investment in the telecommunications infrastructure that is unmatched in the market.

By onboarding the new satellite technology, which offers an improved broadband, broadcast and data services, BTC has entrenched its position as the network of the future.


The platform covers hostile remote areas with ease, providing high speed Internet even to the most isolated areas of the country. The launch of the new technology is pivotal in expanding coverage and enhancing the scope of BTC satellite services.

It provides communications in areas where the normal terrestrial communication are not available such as in swamps and national parks.


The platform will enhance superior customer experience offering faster downloads speeds of up to 50 mega bites per second (Mbps) at competitive prices, said BTC Chief Operations Officer (COO), Aldrin Sivako.

Many of the existing BTC‘s VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) customers, he said, have already been migrated to the new service with competitive pricing and innovative packages.


Sivako said BTC’s offering to customers provides a wide range of products, which can easily be scaled according to the customer’s requirements with low incremental cost.

“The upgrade of our satellite service using the latest technology will enable us to deliver high speed internet bandwidth to any customer in Botswana covering farms, tourism areas, towns and villages anywhere in the country. The service, allows us to provide fixed and mobile broadband internet services to a wider customer base which previously were beyond reach,” he said.


Whether it be a mining or engineering company, retail store, hospital, bank, media outlet or any business needing fast, reliable, broadband communications, he is upbeat that BTC’s VSAT platform is the solution.

“Our VSAT service will provide an overlay and blanket broadband coverage over the entire country hence complementing our 4G coverage footprint enabling Batswana and our customers to always live connected.”


The hi-tech platform will enhance delivery of communication services to diverse industries situated outside cities such as agriculture, tourism and mining amongst others.

The company is on a huge infrastructure development drive investing millions to enhance its network.


“Our increased appetite for new more efficient technologies, and significant investment in our network blend well with our drive for building a future proof network to improve our customer experience,” said Sivako.

BTC launched its first satellite services in 2004 providing coverage over Botswana and surrounding countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  

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