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Gaborone speaks against ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 February 2019   |   By Bakang Tiro
Kgosi Gaborone Kgosi Gaborone

… Saying Tlokweng was cursed by many evil practices


Batlokwa Deputy Chief Kgosi Michael Gaborone says Tlokweng remains a cursed village similar to Sodom and Gomorrah cities due to the wicked acts of residents that do not please God and the village’s ancestors.

He said such evil deeds include amongst others soaring brutal passion killings as well as witchcraft practices that are conducted by some churches around the village’s sacred places.


Gaborone said this recently when paying a courtesy call on Eloyi Christian Church where he pleaded with the church to help in praying for the calamities that have befallen the village.

Some of the cases that he cited include the cutting of a woman’s head in a brutal murder. The lady had to be buried with her head which has still not been discovered now. 


He expressed deep concern at the declined rain fall level in the area, blaming this development on evil deeds that are taking place in the village and not pleasing God.

“Our village has turned into some sort of Sodom and Gomorrah because we are not pleasing God. There is blood everywhere in the land and this is worrying. Every day we receive cases of brutal killings especially between lovers, help us to pray for our mighty beautiful village and not resemble Sodom and Gomorrah cities,” he charged.


He appealed to Eloyi Christian Church Tlokweng branch to join forces with the village leadership and residents to pray for the village’s curse, saying the church remains their hope for cleaning the village’s image.

“I am pleading with you as a church to pray for the sickness in this village. Eloyi is capable of helping in dealing away with the evil spirits that have possessed our village. We (Batlokwa Bogosi) are inviting you to pray for the village in each and every corner,” pleaded Gaborone.


Eloyi leader in Tlokweng Nehemiah Mogotsi assured the village leadership that they will work together in praying for the village in restoring it back to its image. He said the church exists to play a role in the society as well as ensuring there is order and a pleasing environment towards God.

Some Churches’ practices not pleasing


Kgosi Gaborone could not hide his displeasure towards some African Independent Churches or Apostle church denominations which continue to indulge in witchcraft practices around the village’s holy places.

He said he evidenced some evil acts done by churches with their pastors leading devilish prayer sessions.


“I have witnessed a church leader in uniform standing over a grave while calling someone’s name with an Okapi knife on his hand while his congregation was signing. This is not any form of Christianity at all – its evil possession at its best,” noted the disappointed Gaborone.

He expressed concern at churches that come from the North and even from across the borders such as from Zimbabwe that come to perform rituals in holy places, such as the mountains and thereafter leaving the area unclean and polluted.


He warned that serious actions will be taken against such churches, which do not even seek permission from Bogosi to conduct prayers in the village’s holy places.

He said Batlokwa Bogosi is tolerant of various Christian practices but prefer that due process be followed.      

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