Mascom pilot 4G technology

SHARE   |   Sunday, 15 February 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Mascom  CEO, Cuoceiro Mascom CEO, Cuoceiro

Avid hungry users of data have now been introduced by Mascom to the fastest speed internet of 4G/LTE (4th Generation/Long Term Evolution). As one of the leading network service providers, Mascom unveiled their new baby at the kick-start celebration of the 17 years that they have been of service to Batswana since 1998. The kick-start celebration was held at Mascom Innovation Centre in Phakalane on Thursday, and the network stakeholders came there to grace the very short event. The LTE technology offers the fastest internet technology, in which for the network provider it then reduces the infrastructural costs while at the same time improving their service to the subscribers. It was not so long ago that data users were relying mostly on 3G as one of the fastest, but for the past few years it has been really struggling to meet up with the needs of the consumers who have become tech savvy, even in developing countries like Botswana. 4G/LTE have been in some other countries few years back, and it is only this year that it is being piloted in Botswana. It is now in 17 African countries.
It has been on trial by Mascom since 2012 and the service provider Chief Marketing officer Dzene Makhwade-Seboni said it is now that they have decided to take another vital step, which is to pilot the project fully in the country. She recognised these as their efforts to create mobile technologies with extensive coverage, and also to help them provide high quality innovative services. “We have successfully trialed the 4G/LTE and this is our authentication to providing quality service,” Seboni said. Computer Systems Engineering Analyst Bikie Tau emphasised to The Patriot on Sunday that LTE frequencies and bands are different in countries, in which multi band phones will be the ones supported. “LTE is a very cool upgrade, and it will help many Batswana who uses their mobile phones for everything because it can be able to support 200 active data clients in every 5 MHz cell,” He said, adding that it is a very good and effortlessly deployable network that is able to offer high speed and low latencies at a very long distance.
Mascom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jose Couceiro said that they will have another celebration on the 17th February, which will be Tuesday next week as they celebrate their 17th anniversary. He noted that with Mascom’s 3G mobile broadband services covering 70% of the country’s population, with 4G/LTE they now give their customers greater ease of transferring large volumes of data including higher speed mobile data and video telephony, and mobile TV among others. “We always aim to be the first to bring new products and services to Botswana market, since we have also been the first operator to set up in Botswana,” Couceiro said.
 Mascom user Thapelo Boresetse said that Mascom has been his one and only trusted network provider because of the services that they offer, and also how fast they have always been in trying to keep Botswana at par with developed and technically shrewd countries around the world. “This is a very good introduction, nowadays we use phones for everything and the internet speed has been the one killing us locally, so with LTE maybe some of us will be able to work on the go wherever we are,” Boresetse said. This then makes Mascom to be the first mobile service in Botswana to model the 4G/LTE. As part of their celebration and in remembrance of the milestones that they have come as a service provider, Mascom also made note of the contribution that they have had in the local community in sports, empowering the youth and in just contributing to the economy in general.

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