Gaolathe's road-map for Bonnington South

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 February 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Bonnigton South MP, Gaolatlhe Ndaba Bonnigton South MP, Gaolatlhe Ndaba

Gaborone Bonnington South MP, Ndaba Gaolathe, has implored residents of his constituency to start being pro-active and desist from expecting to be spoon-fed by their political representatives. “It is not the job of the area MP to pay rent for absconding tenants or the ward councillor to fetch fire-wood and marquee tents for funerals. We have a much bigger task of ensuring that your interests are protected at decision-making levels,” said Gaolatlhe.
Gaolathe said political leaders do the above-mentioned out of their own will and the need to exercise the spirit of botho, and should never be held at ransom if they are unable to. “If they are unable to help, you the electorates should not threaten them ka 2019, doing that will derail them from addressing real issues affecting your welfare and serving you better,” he said.
He was addressing a kgotla meeting in Phase 4 on Wednesday, one in a series of consultative meetings in which he is setting a road-map as the area MP in the next five years. Gaolathe  said after meeting with some of the professionals who reside in the constituency, it was agreed that as a way of involving the community, they will rope in their expertise to solve the constituency’s problems without relying too much on government and  as a way of augmenting government strategies.
Gaolathe said so far to help solve high un-employment among the youth in the constituency, a tutorial programme has been launched to assist those who failed Junior Certificate and O-Level examinations for a re-sit.  Teachers and other qualified professionals have already volunteered to assist. To curb unemployment and assist ailing businesses, Gaolathe said a business clinic is soon to be established in the constituency. Like-wise, successful businessmen in the constituency, executives and other successful professionals have pledged to assist through mentorship.
In line with his campaign promises, Ndaba says he is of the view that one needs to be healthy to be productive at anything, hence there will be a health awareness programme running in the constituency, whose aim is to motivate people to give their health and wellbeing priority. “Batswana are in the habit of visiting the doctor only when they are sick, this has to change. People need to have regular check-ups,” he said.
On developments, Gaolatlhe says after meeting with engineers in his constituency it was agreed that they assess the state of developments and suggest solutions. A team assessing the drainage system, lighting and internal roads, is already at work and should be able to compile and present their reports soon.  He also revealed that an infrastructure fund was on the pipeline and will be used to assist with minor developments needed in the constituency.
Meanwhile Phase 4 residents welcomed Gaolathe and commended him for what they said was pro-active and brilliant ideas. They however among others, complained about the high rate of crime in their area, blaming it on non-existent police visibility.

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