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Kgosi’s D-Day in court soon

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 27 March 2019   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Kgosi Kgosi

The Directorate Public Prosecution (DPP) has requested that they amend the charge sheet in the multimillion National Petroleum Fund (NPF) case to add more accused people in it.

Appearing before the Broadhurst Chief Magistrate Masilo Mathake on Friday, DPP indicated that they wanted to change the charge sheet and add more people to it.


The defense lawyers – led by Unoda Mack and Kgosi Ngakayagae – instead wanted the charges to be squashed but the magistrate overruled this, saying the charges that the accused are facing are serious.

The magistrate ordered that the state provide the accused with further particularity as the charges have been amended. It will be for the fourth time that the charge sheet will be changed; something that the defence attorneys are vehemently opposing.


The next mention date for the case is May 24, 2019 when the magistrate will rule on whether they should add further charges and accused persons or not.

One of the persons who are expected to be charged is the former Director General of Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) Colonel (R) Isaac Kgosi.


Information gathered by this publication has shown that the DPP has withdrawn its decision to make Kgosi a star witness as fresh information shows that he is implicated in the money laundering case.

In November last year DCEC warned and cautioned Kgosi that he might also be charged.


Kgosi’s downfall was brought by his former business associate, Mordechi Bareshi, the Vice President of Dignia Systems. Barachi deposed an affidavit before the DCEC last year stating that Isaac Kgosi had written a letter informing them that the DIS had tasked Khulaco (Pty) Ltd to pay Dignia Systems on behalf of the Botswana Government.

Initially Kgosi said that they wanted the P250 million in order to build fuel storage facilities in strategic places around the country but the money was diverted and used to procure spy equipment.


On August 2017, Kgosi wrote a confidential Savingram to the then Director of Energy Department, Kenneth Kerekang requesting a total of P250 million to be used in the construction of Petroleum Storage Facilities.

“The objective of constructing and maintaining the facilities is to ensure that there is continuous supply of petroleum products for the essential Services of the Government,” reads the confidential savingram stamped ‘confidential’ in red.


Kerekang wrote back the same day saying the money transfer has been approved.

Highly placed sources have revealed that affidavits submitted by some senior officers at DISS implicating Kgosi in the P250 million money laundering scandal which disappeared at DCEC have been retrieved.


The officers are said to have shown how the former spy chief laundered the money and that he was part of the Khulaco Company which is at the centre of the NPF P250 million payments to the Israeli Company.

Bakang Seretse in his affidavits revealed that hat the P250 million transfers to the Dignia Systems bank account was at the written instruction of DIS boss.


“It is clear that both the DPP and the DCEC tremble at Isaac Kgosi’s name to the extent they cannot even mention it in the pleadings. They do not have the fortitude to interrogate him on allegations affecting the department he heads,” said Seretse.

Investigations by both the DCEC and DIS which included raiding Kgosi has shown that Kgosi is the one who authorised the P250 million from NPF saying they going to procure drones from the Israeli company Dignia Systems.


During the mention on Friday, DPP was represented by former South African National Director of Public Prosecutions Shaun Abrahams.

Abrahams was fired as National Director of Public Prosecutions of South Africa in 2017 after the South African Constitutional Court ruled that his appointment was unconstitutional.



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