Kanye water shortage crisis

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 03 April 2019   |   By Bakang Tiro
Masire Masire

Kanye residents are decrying the extreme suffering they endure as a result of the limited water supply. This problem worsened since September last year with the most affected wards being Lodubeng, Mafhikana and Ntsweng.

John Moabakwena from Ntsweng ward raised his displeasure at the way water shortage problem was being handled. He attacked Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) for having failed to live up to expectations. 


“Water shortage is not a new problem in Kanye but what we have been experiencing since WUC took over from the Department of Water Affairs has been disastrous without doubt. It has been months now without having enough supply of water due to the negligence of the WUC in dealing with the issue. We need serious answers from the corporation,” charged concerned Moabakwena.

Another concerned villager Morapedi Kgosithebe from Sebako ward said the acute water shortage crisis in Kanye seems to be far from over, adding that there is no concerted effort made by the relevant authorities to rectify the situation.


 “To be honest, the situation is even worse in some parts of the village. People can go for months without having a drop of water it’s just disheartening, and for a village of Kanye’s calibre is worrying that there is no enough of water supply leading to severe conditions in critical areas of service provision such as schools, and clinics,” said Kgosithebe.

Frustrated residents decried that social activities such as weddings and funerals suffer heavily as a result.


One horticulture farmer Dikatso Kgolokwe, who sells his produce to government institutions such as schools and local retailers, revealed that he was facing a bleak future due to water shortage.

Authorities in Kanye such as councilors have also expressed concern over the crisis, with the water shortage being at the top of the agenda in every full and sub council session. Councilors are of the view that WUC has completely failed since it took over from the Water Affairs.


A Councilor from the ruling party, who spoke to this publication in condition of anonymity, bemoan that WUC through its North South Carrier (NSC) project, is not making any impact on improving the situation although the first phase of the pipeline refurbishment has been completed mid-February.

WUC CEO Mmetla Masire recently admitted that Kanye is one of the villages that are experiencing water shortage. He conceded this during a media tour of the NSC pipeline refurbishment at Mmamashia.


He said this is due to the fact that generators pumping water for the village are still dysfunctional. He said the NSC pipeline will connect to Kanye line, hence improve the distribution of water across the entire Southern district area.

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