IPRO Botswana launches Ponelopele Fund

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 February 2015   |   By Kabelo Adamson
Stephane Henry, IPRO Group CEO Stephane Henry, IPRO Group CEO PIC: Ricardo Kanono

IPRO Botswana, an asset management firm, on Thursday launched a new fund named Ponelopele which is expected to empower the locals through investment and savings. Ponelopele Fund will invest 60 percent of its assets in Botswana investment instruments and 40 percent across the sub Saharan African region.
“Following a long period of extensive research and planning, IPRO Botswana identified an opportunity for the local investment market, a multi asset mutual fund, which only invests in Botswana, but also provides an exposure to this exciting continent of ours through one investment product,” said Clair Mathe-Lisenda, Senior Manager-Investments at IPRO Botswana.
The fund will invest in a variety of assets, ranging from equities, bonds, property, private equity and hedge funds.
“This will allow retail investors’ access to some asset classes that they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to with relatively small investments amounts,” she said also noting that this will provide institutional investors the benefit of a widely diversified investment product.
According to Lisenda, the fund was inspired by the group’s strong conviction that the sub-Saharan African region offers immense opportunities for astute investors with skill and understanding the diverse dynamics of the difference capital markets across Africa.
Lisenda believes the extensive experience garnered by IPRO Botswana in managing discretionary local portfolios since inception, coupled with advisory services offered by the business in managing two Africa focused funds renders them well placed to manage a fund such the newly established one. This is because IPRO Botswana has come to understand and appreciate the workings of the African investments markets.
IPRO Group CEO, Stephane Henry, said with an expertise in managing P3.5 billion worth of assets, IPRO Botswana has developed a strong expertise in Pan African equities and fixed income markets by managing its flagship funds, African Market Leaders and Africa Absolute Return.
“Our core expertise is the management of investments funds, since we currently manage two Africa Funds, three India funds and two Mauritius funds, with a number of international investors from Europe and Japan,” said Henry.
For his part IPRO Botswana Managing Director, Amit Bakhirta, said the fund is another step towards realising the goal of building and managing investment strategies to address the ever-evolving needs to their clients.
“Batswana can now look ahead and save while participating in Botswana and Africa’s amazing growth story,” he said.
By combining money from both small and institutional investors, the fund is expected to provide them access to a wider range of investment options, this is said, will offer potential investors reduced risk inherent in having a well-diversified portfolio.
IPRO Botswana, which is part of the IPRO Group, has been operating in the country since 2007. The group was incorporated in Mauritius in 2002 and is said to be one of the largest investment management groups there and is an integrated financial services group specialised in Africa and India.

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