'I'm going back to Bogosi' - Lotlamoreng II

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 04 June 2019   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Kgosi Lotlamoreng II Kgosi Lotlamoreng II

Member of Parliament for Goodhope-Mabule Kgosi Lotlamoreng II is tracing his steps back to his traditional duties of being paramount chief of Barolong.

In an interview after the press briefing where he denied that he is about to jump Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) ship and join Botswana Democratic Party, Lotlamoreng II revealed that things are not going well at his kgotla. “I was born to be a chief and am not happy how things are currently and there is need for me to go back and restore order,” he revealed.


Asked what it is that is not going well at the kgotla, the Barolong kgosikgolo who joined active politics in 2015 was very diplomatic in his response saying it is internal royal house issues.

In 2017 Kgosi Mompati Marumoloa was charged with common nuisance after he hurled insults at his subordinates accusing them of betraying him. This is said to have embarrassed the Barolong royals who have been reluctant with Kgosi Lotlamoreng II joining politics calling on him to come back.


Asked if he will retain all his deputies when he goes back to the kgotla, the soft speaking Member of Parliament for Goodhope/Mabule said that it will depend on morafe. “I will have to consult them before I make a final decision,” he said.

Lotlamoreng II who won the bye elections in 2015 after the area MP James Mathokgwane resigned under a cloud of controversy said that he wants to revive Barolong culture especially the regiments. “Politics have really drawn us back. Now my focus is to ensure our cultural village is up and running because we have a plot,” he said.


Lotlamoreng II revealed that Barolong have some farms which they want to utilize in order to realize food security in their district. “We have a dairy farm which is currently being used by government. Our aim is to have it back and start rearing livestock for exportation to neighboring South Africa,” he said.

Though he denied that he was on the brink of joining the BDP, this publication has it on good authority that Lotlamoreng II was supposed to have been welcomed at the launch of Vice President Slumber Tsogwane in Rakops last week Sunday.


On Wednesday afternoon, one of Lotlamoreng II confidante got the wind that he was flying with Vice President Tsogwane to Rakops on Thursday as part of preparing for the launch on Sunday. “He was supposed to be accommodated at Tsogwane’s house and coached on what to say when he is being welcomed,” revealed the source.

The confidante immediately called former MP (name known to this publication) who is close to Barolong Kgosikgolo who then immediately called him to confirm if it is true. Lotlamoreng II is alleged to have been economical with the truth denying that he was going to Rakops to be welcomed into the BDP.


The former MP called a BDP legislator who allegedly picked Lotlamoreng and took him to Grand Palm hotel to ensure he does not travel to Rakops as planned. “The BDP legislator warned him that BDP are going to dump him after the launch as they want him for political mileage only,” said the source, adding that when officials from OP called to pick him up he ignored the calls.


During the press briefing, Lotlamoreng II denied that he has ever recruited to join the BDP saying he normally chats to some of BDP leaders but they have never recruited him. “Even Alliance for Progressives once approached me but I told them I am fine where am right now. I also indicated to them that after all I will retiring from active politics,” he said.

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