DTCB gives Gamodubu Childcare Trust facelift

SHARE   |   Thursday, 25 July 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Porta cabin donated to Gamodubu Childcare Trust by Diamond Trading Company Porta cabin donated to Gamodubu Childcare Trust by Diamond Trading Company

In their efforts to provide a safe learning environment for little children at the Gamodubu Childcare Trust, Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB) recently unveiled a P450 000.00 porta cabin donation to the orphanage.

The facility is intended for use as a pre-school to the independent orphan’s and youngest residents as well as vulnerable children in the village of Gamodubu and surrounding areas such as Mmanoko, Mmakanke and Moperegadi. Some of the resident children come from as far as Francistown and Tutume.


Speaking at the official handover of the facilities, Gamodubu Child Care Trust Board Chairperson, Shathani Ngada noted that the donation is testament to the fact that DTCB employs staff that has compassion and love though it is a big company in Botswana.

The Board Chair also stated that the donation is a welcome one for the orphanage as the management of the center was grappling with a place to contain and teach the young ones. She however decried that there is still a lot of help that the center needs.


“We currently house 236 children, male and female and they all sleep in the same hall,” she said, highlighting that the condition is not conducive for a young child growing into puberty and adolescence. She therefore pleaded with various sponsors to grab on to DTCB’s coat-tails and assist the center in becoming a safe and habitable environment for the children.

For his part, DTCB Board Member, Advocate Abraham Keetshabe said that while the company seeks to maintain a profitable business, it also focuses on enhancing its reputation and the wellbeing of the society as well as that of the country.


Quoting a bible scripture from the book of Proverbs 3:27 which provides that; “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so”, Keetshabe proceeded to explain that DTCB has a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme defined as contribution to the society in the form of money, employee time and other resources.

“Partnering with Gamodubu Child Care Trust is just one of the many initiatives BTC Botswana undertakes to give back and grow communities across our nation,” he said.


He also said that Shirley Madikwe, the Founder and Coordinator of the center and her team of volunteers are exceptional in their work which is spurred on by their passion and determination to provide a safe and healthy environment for children.

Keetshabe encouraged them to stay strong in their resolve as “… every emotion, act and or advice you continue to give these children every day is commendable and truly makes a difference …”


To the children, Keetshabe advised them to respect elders, work hard on their academics and reminded them that their background and current situation are not pre-determiners of their future.    

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