Boko on Khama & BPF pact

SHARE   |   Thursday, 25 July 2019   |   By Bakang Tiro
Boko Boko

The much eagerness by the newly launched opposition party Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) to seal a pact deal with the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is said to be discussed at the upcoming UDC conference.

Having held its historic launch in Kanye last week, the new opposition party led on interim basis by former democrat Biggie Butale hasn’t ruled out the possible working relations with UDC.


Nevertheless, BPF will have to wait a little longer for  further UDC consultations that will  be undertaken during joint UDC conference to be held from the 13th-16th of July in Gaborone.

UDC president Duma Boko when asked about the status of UDC-BPF possible working relations, he indicated during the media briefing that the UDC conference will discuss the BPF matter as well. Boko said BPF as an opposition party is open to engaging in any opposition coalition noting that at the moment UDC is not in competition with Ian Khama who is the BPF Patron as well.

He indicated that UDC’s main arch-rival is BDP led by Mokgweetsi Masisi; hence there is no way UDC cannot be welcoming to BPF based on the delusion that UDC might hate it for it being associated with Ian Khama. “Our war is with BDP which we want to wrestle power from in October. For now Khama is the least to our concerns, why would we hate him while he is no longer in the BDP. We used to attack him while he was the president and for now it is gone, we focusing on Masisi now,” he added.

Boko further said it is important for people to consider separating Khama from BDP because he is no longer associated to the BDP institution anymore. “And surprisingly, as he was considered to be trouble nothing has changed under the new BDP leadership. He has left first as president and now he left BDP but the same is happening under the same so called new regime. Why there is still rot in government when he has left,” he echoed.

BPF interim president Biggie Butale who is also Tati West MP during the launch in Kanye indicated that BPF has great desire to work with UDC, which had then delegated unique team to grace the BPF launch.


Amongst those from UDC who graced the launch include UDC spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa, BCP vice president Dr Kesitigile Gobotswang, and Kanye South and North UDC parliamentary candidates Victor Phologolo and Otlaadisa Koosaletse respectively.

Butale noted that BPF pledges its support for the UDC in both Kanye constituencies adding that BPF will also not field its candidates where UDC is also visible. He cited constituencies such as Shoshong, Gaborone North and Boteti West of vice president Slumber Tsogwane amongst others, with Ian Khama also indicating that he will also campaign against Boteti East MP Setlhomo Lelatisitswe. Slumber Tsogwane’ constituency has come out to be a major target for downfall as former president Ian Khama who is now BPF patron vowed to decampaign Tsogwane as well.

State media abuse

Boko has also expressed displeasure on what he consider to be unfair political coverage by the state media television, BTV which favors the ruling BDP more.


UDC leader said despite his party reporting BTV to the Ombudsman before, nothing positive has evolved in terms of equal coverage of political parties ‘activities hence this being corruption. “BTV’ 85% of coverage is accorded to BDP while opposition is getting 15%. The coverage that we get is mostly based on negative narrative and this is abuse of state resource by BDP,” he said.


Boko also said the unfair coverage was associated with the era of Khama but even in his absence the situation is still the same adding that Masisi ’led government is also epitome of corruption that is prevalent within state media outlets.


Boko on DISS chief


The UDC president also fired potshots to Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) head, Peter Magosi, saying he is not fit for the job after his assertion on livestock theft being national security. Boko argues that for the person holding position of Magosi’ caliber shows he is incompetent for the job arguing he is wondering how can stealing cattle be a national security like Magosi views.


“Your intelligence boss’s understanding of national security threat is very funny. He must be out of his comfort zone if he considers that what he said last week to be a national security. He said the president’s life is in danger and he must bring evidence out of that, that’s what could be threat to national security,” Boko underscored.

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