BIUST, CUT sign partnership

SHARE   |   Thursday, 19 September 2019   |   By Prof. Otlogetswe Totolo
Prof. Otlogetswe Totolo Prof. Otlogetswe Totolo

We are gathered here to witness an important milestone in our shared journey of collaboration between our regional public institutions, the Botswana International University of Science & Technology (BIUST) and the Central University of Technology (CUT) from Bloemfontein, South Africa.


BIUST is a premier research intensive University and the only specialized science, engineering & technology higher learning institution in our country.  CUT is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa, dedicated to quality education training in science engineering and technology. Both BIUST and CUT intend to leapfrog our countries to a knowledge-based economy and witness technological products and services from our research activities and lesser dependence on foreign products and services.

At tertiary level, our synergies are our strengths and our collaboration is our reason for the huge investment that our people will continue to make from this relationship.  The MoU cements the collaboration that both BIUST and CUT seeks to have and will be subject to constant review to meet emerging needs in line with our taglines ‘driving change  for BIUST and  thinking beyond for CUT. Through this MoU, both BIUST and CUT seeks to deepen our commitment to each other and strengthen our core missions of research, innovation and engineering application. hrough this MoU we will collaborate in the following specific areas: 1.                  Research commercialization,  2.               Engineering, Innovation, information and technology development, 3.                  Sourcing of project  research funding and benchmarks 4.          Training, development and academic exchange


Both of our institutions are committed to seeing that we achieve the intentions of this MoU.  We are also happy to note that our respective Governments have a long history of doing business together; therefore this signing ceremony signifies a long standing relationship and promotes cross-country academic and student exchanges, research and development. Our mutual desire is to push the boundaries of engineering, information technology, environmental science, research & innovation and application to their fullest lengths, to work tirelessly in ensuring that we achieve what our people expect from us.

                                                                                                                              *Totolo is  BIUST Vice Chancellor 

*Professor Henk de Jager

"I am proud to be associated with BIUST given its focus in entrepreneurship for scientists and engineers. My institution believes in the sharing of ideas to unlock innovation and creativity and  impact on challenges facing society. We are pleased to collaborate with BIUST on science, technology and engineering as well as entrepreneurship to change the notion of dependency on government and instill fresh thinking  among students. I am happy that BIUST uses the pedagogy of Problem Based Learning to produce graduates who are employers of today," he said, commending BIUST leadership and the Botswana government for a great vision because since it was established, BIUST has developed its infrastructure and maintained its resources in a meaningful way.

Established in 2004, CUT is a teaching intensive university which prides itself in research, emphasis on applied research which focuses on the impact of research in society. It has six ( 6) research centers, an asset for Africa as a continent. Jager said his university  focuses  on internationalization  as a strong focus area and a necessity. The university has an enrollment of 21,000 students.


*Prof de Jager, the Vice Chancellor and Principal of Central University of Technology (CUT), South Africa.

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