Bangwato excited over Tshekedi’s defection

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 02 October 2019   |   By Tebogo Mmolawa
Tshekedi Tshekedi

Hundreds of Bangwato thronged Serowe bus rank on Thursday afternoon to witness the official welcoming of Serowe West parliamentary hopeful, Tshekedi khama into Botswana Patriotic Front.

TK as he is affectionately known in the political cycles dropped a boom shell on the eve of candidates nomination conducted by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) when he handed his resignation letter at Tsholetsa House and joined BPF, a party that his elder brother, former president Ian Khama is the patron of. Tshekedi finally succumbed to his elder brother’s pressure and joined BPF. On numerous political gathering, Ian vowed that he will not rest until his younger brother followed his footsteps and dump the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.


At the rally, Tshekedi told BPF supporters that the recent developments within the BDP compelled him to jump ship. Among the main reasons that influenced his decision, Tshekedi said it was the recent remarks made by the BDP Women’s Wing Chairperson, Dorcus Makgato, who he accused of insulting his late father, Seretse Khama. “Despite Makgoto’s insults to my late father, BDP leadership failed to take disciplinary action against her and I was really disappointed,” Khama told BPF supporters who were glad in party regalia. Tshekedi buttressed that his late father deserves to be respected as the founding president of the country. Shooting from the hip, Tshekedi said Makgato lacks discipline that is why her ex-husband, Ookeditse Malesu divorced her. He even threatened that he will go to Makgato’s constituency, Sefhare-Ramokgonami to de-campaign her ahead of the much anticipated general elections slated for October 23.

Earlier on, former president Khama explained that Tshekedi has defected with some of his council candidates among them councillor Kotuso. Khama confidently revealed that BPF will be able to win the entire three constituencies in Serowe. Since independence, Serowe constituencies have been a strong hold for the ruling party due to the fact that the founding president of the BDP, Seretse Khama originated from the village. Khama announced that his younger brother will be launched on October 12.


After the rally, The Patriot on Sunday interviewed some of the people who were in attendance to get their views about their political party’s biggest catch. One elderly woman, Pono Kealotswe said Tshekedi’s defection was long overdue. “I am glad that Tshekedi has joined his brother at BPF, which has been our desire as Bangwato. Ian and Tshekedi are biological brothers and they deserve to be in the same political party, nothing will separate them,” she revealed with a smile on her wrinkled face. Another BPF activist, Molebi Moleele notes that they are now elated that Tshekedi has listened to his elder brother’s plea to join BPF. He added, “It was going to be difficult for him to retain Serowe West under the BDP, of late political dynamics have changed in Serowe after the formation of BPF.


Segodi Thako opined that Tshekedi has been ridiculed at the BDP so he took the right decision to leave. “Tshekedi belongs to the royal family of Gammangwato, we were saddened by how he was treated at the BDP but we are over the moon that he has joined a party that will embrace him,” Thako averred. Tshekedi will now face his primary elections opponent, Moemedi Dijeng at the upcoming polls. BDP decided to appoint Dijeng as their parliamentary candidate after Tshekedi defected at the eleventh hour.

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