Mamela calls for accelerated land servicing

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 02 October 2019   |   By Tebogo Mmolawa
Mamela Mamela

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) National Organizing Secretary, Vain Mamela has called for the introduction of accelerated land servicing programme.

Addressing a political rally at Kanana ward in Francistown West constituency over the weekend, Mamela stated that large chunks of undeveloped land is laying  idle in Gerald Estates while thousands of Batswana are currently waiting to be allocated residential plots. “Gerald Estates is more than 11 000 hectors and is bigger than the whole of old Francistown which is about 9 000 hectors. Only two blocks at Gerald Estates have been serviced while other blocks remain undeveloped,” the outspoken Mamela divulged. Mamela averred that Francistown needs new political leadership that will bring new and innovative ideas on how to develop the city.


The veteran politician opined that part of the land at Gerald Estates could be turned into commercial and industrial sites which could create the much needed jobs for the residents of Francistown. Mamela is of the view that Botswana has too much raw materials that could be used to manufacture products that are on high demand globally. He continued: “We have too many cattle in Botswana but we are failing to use raw materials from our cattle to manufacture products. We could have long set up industries that process leather works. Cattle blood is also the main ingredient when manufacturing shoe polish.” According to Mamela, such industries could absorb semi-skilled Batswana who are roaming in the streets unemployed. He poured scorn on the popular government programme, Ipelegeng saying it does not uplift Batswana’s livelihood. He further held the current predicament of high unemployment rate is exacerbated by the current leadership that is not willing to be innovative.

“The BDP has dismally failed; it has been in power for more than 5 decades. It is high time that you give UDC a chance. Our election promises are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and time bound,” he affirmed. Mamela confidently told the gathering that the UDC manifesto was drafted after a thorough research to ensure that it accommodates every Motswana. He reiterated that   even old age pensioners can comprehend the manifesto as it promises to increase their old age pension to P1500 per month. Mamela assuredly told the attendants that the UDC manifesto is the only one that can transform lives of ordinary Batswana who are currently living in abject poverty. He is of the view that with the minimum wage of P3 000 per month, many people can afford decent lifestyles.


Another speaker, UDC council candidate for Kanana ward, Thabo Keletso Nyambe mentioned that Francistown City Council should review rates being paid by Gerald Estates residents. He argued that most of Gerald residents are low income earners who are struggling to pay exorbitant rate charges demanded by the municipality. “Most of Gerald Estates inhabitants are currently in arrears because they cannot afford to pay their rates. Once elected to council I will advocate for the rates to be drastically reduced,” the youthful Nyambe pointed out.

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