Namibia govt rescues Hippos

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 09 October 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Lugeretzia Kooper Lugeretzia Kooper

*Kenneth Mmereki [Eye witness Account]

On Friday (30 August) I visited the Zambezi Region to assess the situation of the hippos that were reported to be stranded in a mud pool of the drying Chobe river in the area of Mutikitila.


I was very happy to observe that the interventions that were made to save hippos are working so well. The drilled borehole is filling up the pond. I am happy to report that the looming disaster has been averted. How ever the Ministry will continuously monitor the situation and put in necessary measures to ensure the well being of the hippos.


I was also happy to observe that the pool is used by other animals including livestock as source for drinking water. The borehole was drilled at a cost of N$70 000, implemented by the Ministry with the assistance of the Salambala Conservancy . Source:Minister of Environment and Tourism Namibia Facebook page and Informante.

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