Advancing towards a more inclusive economy -Masisi

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 09 October 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Masisi Masisi

Batlhophi ba ba rategang,

As we enter into this final preparation stage before we head to the voting polls on October 23rd, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support thus far. You have walked side by side with the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) for many years and have seen our beloved country grow from strength to strength in peace and prosperity.

As we have progressed, we have become the poster child of Africa, showing our continent what can be achieved when we truly work together as a nation with a common goal. I am reminded that alone we can only go so far, but together we can achieve so much more, which is why I wish to encourage you to continue to stand your ground, fight the good fight and come alongside myself and the BDP as we work towards a free, fair and prosperous Botswana for all.

We have not reached the pinnacle yet, and there is still so much we can look forward to accomplishing. Casting your vote for the BDP, means placing your continued stamp of approval behind:

Creating meaningful and sustainable jobs that prosper our nation;

Pushing Botswana closer towards a digitally-led economy and our ability to take our rightful place within the Fourth Industrial Revolution;


Encouraging and inspiring the country’s entrepreneurial spirit;

Increasing integrity and transparency in our systems of governance;


Generating financial equality across our public sector; and

Ultimately empowering and uplifting Batswana.

The 23rd of October is by no means an end point, but merely the next step in our continued evolution towards becoming the start-up capital of this continent – a glorious future that can only be achieved through your vote of confidence and mark for the BDP.

Throughout my time in office, I have made no secret about the fact that my loyalty is to you, the great people of Botswana; I only ask the same in return. Let us stride purposefully towards the polls and share our conviction of continuing to build upon the true potential of Botswana so that together we advance towards a more inclusive economy.

Together we rise,


President Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi

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