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SHARE   |   Thursday, 10 October 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Khama Khama







Dear Mr Khama My name is Sello Theletsane, senior reporter at Africa News 24-7, an online publication based in Sandton, South Africa. We intend writing a story on media reports that you and Ms Bridgette Motsepe, wife of former SA Cabinet Minister Jeff Radebe have a romantic relationship. May you humbly respond to the questions below before 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 9 October 2019). 1. We are reliably informed that Mr Radebe is sueing you for wrecking his marriage as a result of you dating his wife, whom we are told is divorcing him. Can you confirm if you and Ms Motsepe are dating? 2. We have seen messages in various Whatsapp groups in SA in which Ms Motsepe is a member in which her separation from her husband is being debated. In one of the messages she sent to one group, Ms Motsepe accused her husband of dating and fathering kids with "nobodies". She gloated that she at least was dating someone of high social standing, a former head of state(you). Is this not confirmation that the two of you are dating? 3. Can you confirm if you have received any summons from Mr Radebe's lawyers? 4. Part of your legacy as Botswana President is grounded on strong moral values as exemplified by among others, your war on alcohol which you blamed for all societal ills in Botswana. You are now being accused of dating a married woman, whose marriage you allegedly wrecked. If these allegations are proved true, won't this expose you as a false and opportunistic advocate of moral virtue, principles of which were the hallmark of your presidency? 5. We are reliably informed that Ms Motsepe has officially dumped the surname Radebe and has reverted back to her maiden surname, Motsepe at your behest. Did you put any pressure on Ms Radebe-Motsepe to change her surname? 5. The Botswana government has slapped Ms Motsepe with a travel ban after she allegedly sponsored regime change in Botswana. With you obviously being close to the lady, were you part of any of her decisions to sponsor any politician or political party in Botswana? 6. Our sources in Botswana (and these are people close to you) have told us that you do not genuinely love Ms Motsepe but you are merely using her to fund your new political party’s election campaign and will dump her after the forthcoming election in Botswana. Can you comment on this? 7. We are informed by impeccable sources that some time last year, Ms Motsepe was injured in a quadbike accident while holidaying in Botswana in your company. Can you confirm if you were with Ms Motsepe when this accident happened? 8. We are informed that shortly after the accident, Ms Motsepe was whisked out of Botswana and rushed to a private hospital in Johannesburg in a private jet. Can you confirm this? Regards Sello Theletsane This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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