Mohammed Khan wrote: Where is the real Mokgweetsi E.K.K Masisi...?

SHARE   |   Monday, 14 October 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Khan Khan

D.I.S.S. entered my Mums premises at Borakalalo without consent at 10.20 last night..


They open the gate enter the premises with their car and drive slowly around the premises.

I approached them and established that they are DIS and they wanted me.


Since I was already aware that Comrade Arafat Khan and some activists were detained,

I requested them to leave the premises for they entered the premises without consent and they are trespassing.


We are mourning the loss of my BROTHER. family members who were sitting in the tent preparing now to go and sleep, heard me and confronted them and they sped out of the yard...

Masisi is tarnishing the image of peace in our country... I am hurt at the low level that Masisi has stooped to, just to win elections...


I say this because these DIS clearly stated that they are from the office of the President..

Our phones are tapped.. Our activists are intimidated.. Our leaders harassed.. The atmosphere is tense..


My mother and family who are grieving are now in fear due to last night's incidents..

My mum refused me to follow up at the DIS office on the detaining of our foot soldiers who sacrifice so much...


She cried and begged me not yo go for fear of my life..

She just lost a son to cancer, my younger brother and so I had to concede to her request because of her health and out if respect since she lost her son at such a young age..


I was pained by this harassment...

The BDP MP candidate for Molepolole North and Concillor were seen by people in the ground in Borakalalo working with the DIS...


Identifying the houses of Arafats campaign team... I sent President Masisi a message since he did not answer his phone... He has not responded yet..

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