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SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 March 2015   |   By Staff Writer
Malesu Malesu

Dorcas Makgato has formally announced her candidature for the leadership of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Women’s Wing, saying she believes she has what it takes to advance the interests of the wing.
Makgato is the MP for Ramokgonami/Sefhare and current minister of Health. She disclosed in an interview on Friday afternoon that after a long soul searching she decided to throw her name in the hat of those running to take over the leadership of her party’s women’s wing because she has what it takes to deliver on the position. According to reports, she is standing against another stalwart of the party Tshepo Warreus.
“I belief it is time for me to render an increased service to the BDP. I have a strong track record of achievements. I never fail in anything I do. As the BDP we should look inside to see what we can do for the party. This is why I am running for this position. Do I have anything to offer? Yes! Is it timely and necessary? Yes! It is time for the party to prepare itself against detractors. The party should rally members to serve,” she said.
She is aware that her critics are spending a lot of time reading in between the lines about what her move means; some detect an individual keen on consolidating power and they are working against that.
“To me it is simple. Time for little gimmicks, intimidation and a lot of wasted time on reading in between the lines is up. As a party we cannot afford that,” she said, conceding that even as she is at home in politics she hates the malice and propaganda that goes with it. “These deter the fainthearted. I intend to forge ahead. I have a sincere belief that people out there know the truth and it always sets one free.” 
Her critics are busy cooking all stories the paint her bad, but she maintains that nothing will detract her from her course. She said she has been a supporter of the BDP all her life. Even in times when she could not publicly campaign for the party, she gave in kind to those campaigning for political office.
To demonstrate that she has what it takes to win the chair for the women's wing, she pointed to the successful campaign that she ran last year from winning the party Bulela Ditswe poll to snatching the Ramokgonami/Sefhare seat from a very strong candidate in Botswana Congress Party’s (BCP) then Shadow Vice President, Dr Kesitegile Gobotswang.
“I have been able to restore the party’s confidence in my area by winning with a huge margin and taking some of the council seats that were in opposition hands,” Makgato said, and further ventured into showing her track record in advancing women’s course.
Besides having been chairperson of Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) for many years, she during that time dared and succeeded where many doubted by becoming the founding President of the Women in Sports Botswana (WASBO), an organisation she nurtured into a respectable operation that enabled other ladies to grow their leadership abilities.
For her efforts, she has been recognised continentally and internationally as an outstanding administrator with a strong influence in girl/women sport.
Having served in the Finance subcommittee of the BDP Central Committee, winning this position would land her in the highest decision making body (CC) – enhancing her position as one of the women heavyweights in the BDP. The congress takes place in Lobatse on April 4-5, 2015.
She said in the interim she will intensify her campaign by visiting constituencies, going house-to-house and reaching all party structures she could. “The political landscape has changed significantly and requires the skilled and resourceful to work for the party. I belief women carry the majority of the vote and should be mobilised to stand better in the changing landscape. They should penetrate and secure significant roles in all leadership structures of the party. Women are in majority and work hard. Demographics should reflect this in the structures and they should be empowered and resourced. I will focus my effort in their empowerment and initiate fund raising programmes for their benefit.”         

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