Letsholo pushes BDP against the wall

SHARE   |   Thursday, 12 December 2019   |   By Bakang Tiro
Letsholo Letsholo

MP for Kanye North  Thapelo Letsholo has started the Parliament session on a high note by firing salvos at his comrades in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) over what he terms empty promises to electorates.

Letsholo, a BDP back bencher has joined two  vocal prominent BDP MPs being Polson  Majaga of Nata- Gweta and Ignatius Moswaane of Franscistown West. The MP who seems to be defying the culture within his party, where cabinet ministers are given a comfortable stay in cabinet, has been pushing ministers against the wall with probing questions.

As a new comer to Parliament under BDP, one would have expected Letsholo to be calm like his colleques but the Kanye North MP means business. Similar to rebellious Majaga and Moswaane, MP Letsholo insists that he puts voters in his constituency first  as he articulates issues without fear or favour. Earlier in the week Letsholo took the house by storm with massive criticism of the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services Kefentse  Mzwinila. He cornered Mzwinila when he said his people are tired of empty  promises over water shortage in Kanye.

He had asked minister if he is aware that the shortage of basic need of life, water continues to plaque Kanye and some of its nearby villages as well. Letsholo probed Mzwinila why Kanye water challenge is not being prioritised and given the urgency it deserves despite many promises.  “We are tired of empty promises over lack of water in Kanye. Mr Minister Mzwinila it has been long time we are told water situation is being rectified and nothing positive ever materialises. Come to Kanye and show our people water by the date you promising water will be available, “ he blasted Mzwinila.

Responding to Letsholo, Minister Mzwinila hinted that provision of adequate, reliable and good quality water is the top priority for government. Mzwinila further said the acquisition of a loan from the World Bank to address water shortage shortage country wide shows commitment to address problem.


Contributing to President Mokgweetsi Masisi's SONA, Letsholo also broke ranks with his fellow democrats insisting a need for radical changes for developments. One of the important debated area he punched holes on is the independence of oversight bodies such as Ombudsman and DCEC away from the president. “There is opportunity for the institutions such as DCEC,DIS and Office of the Ombudsman to report directly to parliament,” he said, arguing that heads of the oversight bodies must be appointed by an independent Parliament committee and not the President as is currently the practice.

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