Mohwasa calls for calm

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 14 January 2020   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Moeti Mohwasa Moeti Mohwasa
The current exchanges on social media by certain members of the UDC is not only regrettable but unfortunate and embarassing. This is happening at a time when we should be strengthening the collective. On a positive note these views do not enjoy popularity within our constituent parties nor UDC.
As members of the UDC we enjoy intrinsic rights which include the freedom of expression. Which freedom must as a question of must be excercised responsibly, bearing in mind that that freedom exists within a context and is not indefinite. Juxtaposed to these rights are intrinsic obligations. These rights and obligations oblige us not to do anything that blemishes our organisation, but to defend it.
I have full confidence in the leadership of the BNF, BCP and BPP. These organisations are led by men and women who are fully committed to this noble project.
The focus of the UDC NEC currently is to implement the resolutions from last year's BA ISAGO conference. The leadership will not be distracted by these side shows.
It would also assist if those who feel aggrived by whatever has been said by other cdes from one formation within the collective do not respond by maligning and denegrading their leaders. It worsens the situation and does not make them better. This is infantile disorder.
These comments do not only distabilise the UDC but also its constituent members.
If we do not excercise due care and responsibility, the whole situation can degenerate into a powder keg which could catch fire and leave the hopes and aspirations of our society in ashes. This is not our project but the people's project. #Decent jobs Decent lives.

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