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Shamukuni hails Matsha

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 04 March 2020   |   By Eric Raphuti
Shamukuni Shamukuni

Strategic leadership is the only remedial measure for the poor academic performance in public schools across the country. This was revealed by the Assistant Minister of Tertiary Education Research Science and Technology, Macha Ronald Shamukuni when giving a key note address at Kang during 2019 BGCSE victory celebration on Thursday.

He said the transformation of Matsha College from its historical bad image to school of choice is a testimony that strategic leadership is key in administration of any organisation. He stressed that the Matsha College had demonstrated through strategic leadership that poor academic results can be a thing of the past in our public schools.


 He said the government had realised that poor academic results in public schools can be attributed to lack of sound strategic leadership. Without strategic leadership, he said public schools will continue to perform badly because things are done the usual way.

Shamukuni who is also a Member of Parliament for Choice said challenges in schools should not be viewed as stumbling block to achieving good results. He added that challenges should be a stepping stone to great things as Matsha had done.


Though the government is committed to address challenges facing schools in Botswana, he said challenges will always be available hence a need for strategic leadership to turn those challenges into opportunities.

For his part, the headteacher of Matsha College, Tshokologo Dineo said the journey to where they are today was not easy. He said since he took over the leadership of the then embattled Matsha in 2017, the school was faced with plethora of challenges. Amongst them, he said the school facilities were depilated, disgruntled teachers and student indiscipline.


Thereafter, he said they strategize and come with many ways of transforming the school to its glory days. He said the school was known for good performance from 1982 to 1995 and thereafter the school was marred by indiscipline which contributed to poor performance.

Dineo said the secret of moving the school from position 33 to position four lies in strict supervision, accountability from both teachers and students. He also applauded the participation of stakeholders such as Parent Teachers Association(PTA), former students of Matsha, and Botswana Scout Association for working jointly with school management to improve the academic results.


Kgosi Basadi Seipone of Kang also applauded councillors for Kgalagadi who have been always show support during the trials and tribulation of Matsha College. She said all the tragedies which the school encountered over the past 25 years, councillors were always available to show moral and spiritual support.

She further pleaded with private sector to help in rebuilding Matsha, adding that the school is on the right truck now there they can  adopt it without any hesitation.END    

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