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Message from the President

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 25 March 2020   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Message from the President

Good morning Batswana, I wish to personally thank all of you for having done a splendid job so far keeping Corona Virus at bay. If we maintain these same levels of discipline and stick to advise from professionals we have a real chance of escaping without a recorded case.
Yesterday, Our Vice President, His Honor. Slumber Tsogwane shared with you additional restrictions on travel to and from countries within the region considered risky. We have moved to restrict travel and only allow movement of goods into our country; we have also made quarantining of all returning citizens mandatory.
This set of additional measures are not the last; we shall keep observing the situation and adjusting our interventions as and when is necessary. I want to assure you that all options are on the table to keep our people safe. We are monitoring trends from across the world on mitigating both health and socio-economic effects of this pandemic. When necessary, we will not shy away from instituting economic measures to sustain our businesses and people.
Let’s each play our role in fighting this pandemic: unless it’s absolutely critical that you step out, please stay home. When you keep to yourself you’re unlikely to contract the virus, and you’re also unlikely to spread it if infected.
Please let’s follow the given instructions and stay calm. We are Batswana, let us give each other a helping hand as we eek to stay free of this virus. Also, let’s keep each other in our prayers. We have invested so much in ourselves and our country, it will not take some virus to throw it all asunder. 
Stay safe. #GoMasisi 

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