Water supply improves in Maun

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 06 May 2020   |   By Solomon Tjinyeka
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The outbreak of novel coronavirus has slowed down life in general and bought everything to a standstill but residents of Maun says despite all bad things associated with Covid 19 it has improved water supply in the village as they have been grappling with water shortage for a long time.

Prior to the outbreak of virus, Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) had embarked on campaign to disconnect water in homes for residents which had not paid their bills but their decision was overturned by the government after he has instructed the corporation to reconnect standpipes which were disconnected.


Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) Superintendent in Maun, Molaodi Dikgang has disclosed to this publication recently that water supply has immensely improved in Maun. he highlighted that the corporation has intensified the water supply during the Covid 19 as a way of availing water as the resource much needed in this pandemic. He added that they have managed to reconnected more than 6000 standpipes in the Ngamiland which were disconnected.

 He also stated that they are also waiting for residents to tell them if they have not connected then they will connect.  He noted that those who had been disconnected during the February’s mass disconnections have already been reconnected.


Meanwhile, Dikgang stated that there is on-going conversion of diesel-operated borehole engines into electric ones has boosted and stabilised water supply in Maun and the surrounding areas.

He said that the situation has improved and stabilised greatly – a far cry from the water rationing of the recent past. He added that they have phased out water rationing in Maun which was implemented when they were water shortage in Maun.


He highlighted that so far 11 of the 18 boreholes supplying Maun have been converted into electric operated. Four of the 11 are at Kunyere well-field, which are high yielding, while the four at Shashe and three at Sexaxa are low yielding.

“While the conversion is on-going the corporation is also looking at increasing the number of boreholes in the area”, he said. Dikgang also revealed that their water supply situation was also improved by the recent erection of reservoirs at Kunyere Boaster Station, which increased the water storage capacity from 200 cubic metres to 1,200 cubic metres. 


He explains that the increased water holding capacity is advantageous as it increases water flow rates, which impact positively on distribution. Dikgang also expressed optimism on the possible flooding of Thamalakane River, which will be a boon for the corporation as surface is plentiful and cheaper to treat.

The councillor for Boseja South, Itumeleng Kelebetseng also attested that water supply has improved in his ward. He said at Samedupi settlement where they depend on water bourses to refill their Jojo tank the water supply has improved. He however raised concern that now that there are high water supply residents are now using the water for their livestock which was not the intended purposes and advised them to desist from the practice.


He also stated that some homestead which were disconnected had been reconnected.  He also added that the corporation had stopped new connection but says that they have recently connected at Polokabatho and Matshwane ward. He said added that they have also managed to connected some public standpipes which were disconnected.

Kelebetseng further stated that this development should not only temporary during the pandemic but should continue even after the Covid 19 has passed. He also advocated for the government to cancel the debts of residents who owe the corporation to avoid being disconnected. “In this situation the government will be bailing out the corporation their loses,” Kelebetseng said


The councillor for Boro/Senonnori, Kenson Kgaga has also concurred with Kelebetseng that one thing which is positive about Covid 19 in Maun it has improved water supply which was major challenge for residents. He stated that since the outbreak of the deadly virus he has never experienced any water challenge in his ward. He also added that the corporation is busy reconnecting some prepaid public stand pipes in his ward.

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