BTCL celebrates excellence

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 March 2015   |   By Kabelo Adamson
BTCL Managing Director, Paul Taylor BTCL Managing Director, Paul Taylor

 Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTCL) held its first recognition awards on Friday night. The glitz and glamorous ceremony was held to recognise the company’s outstanding employees who have immensely contributed to the growth of the company over the years.
The awards were held under the theme 'celebrating excellence'. Joy-Marie Marebole, Human Resource Manager said the establishment of the awards was prompted by the need to change the culture of BTCL and in the process become a high performing customer centric organisation. During the ceremony, BTCL recognised 73 employees from different divisions nationwide.
The company Managing Director Paul Taylor said the awards are meant not only to thank the recipients for their contribution to the company over the years but to also encourage them to continue the hard work and encourage others to emulate them.
Having not celebrated awards of this nature before, Taylor said the purpose of the awards was celebrating a milestone of becoming a high performance centre which put more emphasis on its customers. Taylor said BTCL staff remains an integral part of the company adding that through the recognition of employees they mean to reaffirm their position as an ICT provider of choice. “The event tonight must strengthen our resolve to move forward as one team to re-affirm our position as the ICT services provider of choice in Botswana,” he said.
Taylor noted that they remain sensitive to the fact that their team members are the assets of the organisation, hence the recognition. Taylor emphasized that employee recognition reinforces and rewards people that create maximum value for the business. “Driving the right behaviours, encouraging outstanding performance and prompting enhanced levels of customer service,” Taylor said adding that there is a strong link between recognition and productivity.

Taylor further said that the purpose of such awards is to provide a framework within which people can recognise team members for exceptional performance, maximising achievement of BTCL’s goals and objectives and promoting the right behaviours.
Explaining on how they reached the decision to hold the awards, Taylor said it was revealed during various surveys and engagement forums that team members highlighted the need to improve recognition within the company. The awards recipients were nominated by their colleagues who felt they have contributed to the company. Following the nominations, Taylor said an evaluation was made by a Recognition Adjudication Committee who in turn made recommendations to executive management.
Time and again Taylor reiterated that customers must remain the key focal point. “We must remain and continue to be an organization with two kinds of people. Those who serve the customer and those that serve those who serve the customers,” he said.
He called on the BTCL staff member to continue to demonstrate the right behaviours especially in the harsh climate of competition. BITCL has in the past hosted the beMOBILE premier league awards and Long service awards but the Friday night ceremony was the first of its kind to celebrate high performers.

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