Corruption rampant in govt- Moitoi

SHARE   |   Sunday, 13 July 2014   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Venson-Moitoi Venson-Moitoi

The Minister of Education and Skills Development Pelonomi Venson Moitoi has decried a high rate of corruption at the government enclave.

Debating the bill on proceeds and instruments of crime bill, 2014 (no. 3 of 2014), she expressed worriy over government’s failure to protect its national assets.

“If we say everything is just normal and there is no corruption within government departments, we will be lying to ourselves,” said Serowe South legislator.

The Minister of education who has been deployed to be a coordinator within MoESD singled out the education sector as one of the most corrupt.

“If two corruption cases are detected, know that there are 20 more cases you have not found. It is a cancer that is affecting this country,” said worried Venson-Moitoi.

The new bill seeks to deprive persons convicted of certain crimes of the benefits or rewards gained from such crimes. Venson-Moitoi noted that the bill came at a right time as some of the convicted people have benefitted immensely from proceeds of crime and the worse part, stealing from the poor.


The MoESD has always been in the media for wrong reasons, especially corruption at the Department of Tertiary Education Fund.

Recently the department was accused of spending close to P2 billion on three private institutions to pay for ghost students and courses.


In May this year, the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee rejected the MoESD report saying it was poorly done and it was not the first time they rejected it.

PAC chairman Nehemeiah Modubule during the presentation hit out at the MoESD delegation led by its new permanent secretary Khumo Matlhare. “If you have records that do not show what is on the ground, the possibility of corruption cannot be ruled out.”


MoESD has been bedeviled by corrupt practices such as embezzlement of public resources, bribery, extortion and fraud. It has been viewed as one of the most corrupt ministries together with that of Local Government and Rural Administration.

Kanye North Member of Parliament, Kentse Rammidi also supported the motion but was worried that most of the laws which have been passed by parliament have not been implemented.


He gave an example of the DECEC law which enabled the anti-corruption agency to investigate anyone whom they deem is living beyond his means.


Rammidi said that the law that can complement the bill on Proceeds on Instruments of Crime could be the declaration of assets bill.