Notwane FC hearing postponed

SHARE   |   Sunday, 28 June 2015   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Notwane players Notwane players

Notwane FC faithful have to wait a bit longer to hear the fate of their club following the postponement of their hearing. The hearing was supposed to have been held this week but reports reaching this publication are that it has been postponed to a later date at the request of Notwane legal team.
Sources close to the team have revealed that this has come after the team received a judgement from The High Court ordering Botswana Football Association (BFA) to award three points to Notwane. According to the source, the judgment orders that Notwane be given the points of their game against Sankoyo Bush Bucks.
Regarding the said game Notwane had written a complaint letter to Botswana Premier League (BPL) about the use of defaulter. However, the matter was not taken into consideration leading to the team to take the matter to court to try and force BFA to postpone the playoff and address their issue.    
Notwane FC spokesperson could not deny nor confirm this, saying he would rather not comment on the matter. “I would rather not comment on this issue since our legal team is studying the judgment. We were supposed to appear for a hearing on Thursday but our team asked for the postponement of the hearing to study the judgement,” he said. 
Notwane are currently faced with a single charge of misconduct by BFA after the team took footballing matters to the court of law. The BFA constitution clearly states that clubs should not take football matters to court or they will be fined. According to the constitution a team could face a possible expulsion from all BFA activities as the maximum punishment if they do this.
Currently Notwane FC’s fate, which has been relegated to the first division, is hanging in the balance. The hearing is said to have been postponed to July 16, 2015. 
BFA legal advisor Onkabetse Pusoetsile had been quoted in the media as saying that Notwane knew the dangers of going to court and now they have to face the results for their actions. This is a clear indication that the BFA may go all out to try and set an example to the teams to curb the recurrence of this matter.

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