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BPL on alert!

SHARE   |   Thursday, 28 May 2015   |   By Staff Writer
BPL Chief Executive Officer, Mamelodi BPL Chief Executive Officer, Mamelodi

• Urges proper player registration
• Intense league season expected
• Serowe fields two teams – Miscellaneous and Green Lovers 

Botswana Premier League (BPL) is reportedly on high alert this transfer window after the humiliating Sankoyo Bush Bucks transfer saga. Patriot Sport has learnt that the BPL has strengthened their mechanism to make sure that all transfers are done according to the requirements.
This follows last season’s transfer debacle involving Sankoyo Bush Buck and its Zimbabwean player Morris Rodzivo who was not properly registered in. Ultimately Sankoyo was ducted points and was almost relegated, saved only by the intervention of the Botswana Football Association National Executive Committee (NEC). The issue has been referred to the BFA Disciplinary Committee to further investigate how the player was allowed to play.  
BPL Chief Executive Officer Bennett Mamelodi said from now on based on the lessons learnt in the past, the secretariat will follow due diligence when dealing with transfers. Mamelodi urged the clubs to take responsibility and conduct their transfers businesses in accordance with BFA statutes.
The CEO believes that the new proposed reforms that were presented by the secretariat at last week’s general assembly will help make the transfer process smooth. According to the CEO, there is still a lot that needs to be done to perfect things in Botswana football. “All parties need to pull up their socks and begin to work at improving the way things are currently done if we want to see improvements in our football,” said CEO.  
However, the BPL chief promised a new and exciting premier league season - 2015/2016.    He said the arrival of the three new teams this season should bring the excitement. The next season will see a tie in numbers of teams from the south and north side, with eight from each region.  
Just as the CEO had predicted, many soccer lovers foresee an interesting league ahead in the new season. The supporters will be looking to renewed rivalry between the clubs as well newly created ones as new clubs come one board. “People will be looking at how the newcomers will adapt to the league especially following the good performance of the newcomers in the past two seasons,” said one of the football lovers Thatayaone Nthabiseng.
He feels there will be pressure for the teams to survive in the elite league and this will result in an interesting season. The newly promoted teams are the diamond town-based Jwaneng Galaxy; Serowe outfits Miscellaneous and Green Lovers.       

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