Toyota dominates Desert race

SHARE   |   Monday, 29 June 2015   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Toyota once again retained the Kalahari 1000 Desert Race championship title Toyota once again retained the Kalahari 1000 Desert Race championship title PIC: RICARDO KANONO

Team Toyota has once again retained the Kalahari 1000 Desert Race championship title. Toyota driver Anthony Taylor successfully defended his 2014 title after finishing ahead of his team mate Leeeroy Poulter. On third place came Gary Bertholdt in a Ford Ranger.
Over the years Toyota has established itself as the most trusted brand in Botswana and Team Toyota once more cemented their value in the highly popular motor race. Even though most people were looking forward for Bertholdt’s Ford Ranger to win this year’s race, Toyota once again pulled it off in style.
Some of the spectators felt that there should be a change in the winner with Ford Ranger tipped for the victory. However, Taylor and his team mate Poulter proved why Toyota remains the favourite.
It should have been Poulter who won but his car had a breakdown that caused him to slow down. The breakdown gave Taylor a chance to defend his title. Celebrating victory Taylor said the race provided a very tough and challenging terrain that needs total concentration and intelligence to navigate through.
Toyota has been dominating since the retirement of Hannes Grobler who was the pain to the team. Grobler is the man who pulled spectators to the 2012 Toyota 1000 Desert race in his BMW X3 when he won the race for the last time when Taylor had a break down. Toyota has been dominating the race ever since 2013.
Speaking at the price giving ceremony South African National Off Road Association (SANORA) CEO Richard Schilling said he is excited at how the race continues to grow. Schilling also promised more excitement in the coming year. According to Schilling, they are looking at making the event a very big one that will go through three countries of Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.

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