MY WORD ON SUNDAY: Butler stop insulting players … win games!

SHARE   |   Sunday, 05 July 2015   |   By Mpho Dibeela

The Zebras’ coach Peter Butler has his preferred players. This is what is to be expected. Among those players as he made known this week is one Segolame Boy. A few will contest the high quality of the Township Rollers play maker; his ball distribution, eye for goal and immaculate ball control. He towers above peers and veterans. He deserves his place in Butler’s team. This is where it should all end. Butler and his choices must be respected. That is only when things are normal. That is when those that deserve respect and live in glass houses do not throw stones. That is when those privileged to have twitter and social media accounts do not make public what should otherwise remain their private feelings about those they despise. For quite some time now Butler’s biggest pass time has been his sharp commentary on social media about his work and related. It is fine; freedom of expression is well enshrined in the republic’s constitution. And football is a highly loved game and running commentary and discussions are a norm. However there has to be a distinction between being a fan and an official of the game. Fans can say anything about any player or official, guided of course by the ethos of reasonableness and fairness to another. As a coach and or senior official the comments we make should be well thought out. And this is what Butler should know. He might despise a particular player and deny him a place in his team – our team – but he does not have to demean such a player! For him to have gone public to declare that Lesego Galenamotlhale is overrated and undeserving of being the league’s player of the season is totally reckless and unprofessional. This is what in other terms is dubbed ‘bringing the game into disrepute’. He is within his rights to have a low opinion of the player. No one was going to roast him for overlooking Galenamotlhale. It is his choice. It is his job. He has to bring the players that can do the job for him. Whether he has done a good job at that up to this point one can only look at the team’s achievement under his care. He is frankly yet to inspire confidence. There is no big result yet to talk about under his watch. He is losing games that should otherwise be won. But of course he tweets as he wishes and can colour and cover for his weaknesses with his write-ups. What he needs advise on is that he needs to stay away from upcoming players who are innocently putting their day’s work to one day adorn national team colours. Galenamotlhale never nominated himself the best player. Decency, therefore, would have warranted that Butler kept his thoughts to himself. If there was any issue to take he should have rounded up the panel that nominated the player and shared his feelings with them. That is if there is any purpose at all to engage about the player the way he does. His outburst stood to serve one thing – to humiliate the player and those who nominated him. It is even more demeaning that after humiliating the poor player, he went on to nominate him for his team. How insulting! It is not always that veteran player Dipsy Selolwane gets publicly offended. This offended him and he made it known. Many others have no social media accounts to engage you but are seething with anger. The modesty and humility of our people should not be taken for granted. Butler should and ought to know that all those that are paying taxes are his employers and he must treat them with respect. All Batswana in fact! And that includes Galenamotlhale. Please focus on your work and stop insulting our players!                 

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