Why Masule joined BDF XI

SHARE   |   Monday, 24 August 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
BDF X1 NEW MAN: Masule BDF X1 NEW MAN: Masule

• He didn’t want to be a bench warmer at Rollers
• Stopped from joining GU by Rollers

Goalkeeper Mmapule Masule knew it was time to pack his bags. His starting place at the country’s leading soccer team Township Rollers would no more be guaranteed. If he was serious about his career, he had to do something. The arrival of more goalkeepers at the club meant that others would have to be benched. As things looked he would not be first choice.
“I decided to go to BDF XI because I was looking at what was happening at Township Rollers,” he said. He thought of an option of the club releasing him altogether to play for BDF XI, but since he signed a three-year contract with them in December, they told him that it was impossible. On top of that they told him that they still needed him. That is why they will only loan him away. It is not only BDF XI that gave the goalkeeper an offer, Gaborone United and Gilport Lions also wanted him to join their teams.
He was torn between BDF XI and Gaborone United (GU) but when he decided that he wanted to go to GU Rollers management refused on grounds that GU are their biggest competition. He joined BDF XI. “At the moment I am just adapting to the new team, learning to work with them,” he said.
Masule will not be allowed to play against Township Rollers since it is his team. However, he wants reviewed because it does not make sense to him because he also wants to perform to his highest ability and play all the games.
He said the other reason he want that reviewed is that he also want to be nominated for awards, but that chance can be slim if he does not play some of the games in the season. The other condition that does not sit well with him is that he can be recalled anytime when the team needs him.    Masule said he does not want to be called back when he is performing well at BDF XI. He rather said he should just be left to play for BDF XI which he can eventually join for good. His first game was against Orapa United, and the interesting part about it was that he was playing against his former coach Madinda Ndlovu. He managed to keep a clean sheet as they walloped Orapa United 2-0 in BDF XI’s first win of the season. He had watched from the bench as Rollers defeated BDF XI and immediately started working on re-organising the defence. He then started working closely with them during trainings so that they can get to understand each other. He said that was the secret that enabled them to crush Orapa United.
He is determined to help BDF XI stay top in the league and the support that he is getting is making everything easier. Commenting on the situation at Township Rollers where there are so many capable players benched, Masule said they are the only ones who know their intentions. He did not want to be in a place where he is not utilised. He also did not want to lose his spot in the national team, and he knew with him not getting game time, that will just be a dream far to reach. He said above all this it is not like he does not like Township Rollers. His target is to improve more and help BDF XI to clinch one of the titles.  

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