Rollers in disarray

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 September 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar

• Two centres of power
• Jagdish Shah sees no future at the club
• Somerset Gobuiwang not in a position to talk
• Fans panicking

Following the judgement by the High Court on August 6, things have taken an ugly turn at Township Rollers. This was stirred even further when the team’s investor Jagdish Shah went on radio station to confirm the troubles the team faces. Fans are bracing themselves for the worst with the possibility that the team financier Shah could eventually dump the team.
It is now clearly an open stand-off between the current executive committee of Township Rollers and David Spencer Mmui who calls himself the chairman of Township Rollers Football Club (The Society), justified by the High Court ruling that declared that the privatisation of the team was not done properly. This has resulted with a new committee that claims to serve the Society while Mmui sued the club when he felt that the conversion to a company was not done properly. At the time he was the chairperson of the committee.
In his recent statement Mmui stated that they did not manage to have fruitful follow up meetings with the current executive committee on matters relating to the investor. He said it is because of that unfruitful turn up of events that they have now been left with no option but to move forward with other alternative arrangements to resuscitate the society which he said is currently on paper only. He said they are open to efforts of mediation and as such they are more than willing to see through these efforts as they provide an opportunity to bring stability and cohesion at the club.
Current Rollers chairman Walter Kgabung dismissed the statement from Mmui, saying it was not from the club and that it does not represent the views and opinions of the club. Kgabung said Mmui’s statement that the society was turned into a company is not true. He said they are currently working hard at the moment to make sure that the issue of the club’s sustainability following the High Court ruling on the 6th of August is forged amicably in order to resolve the issues. With all these matters arising Kgabung said they have resolved to call a special general meeting in order to give the applicant, Mmui the platform to state all their claims to the membership for determination, and also to resolve all matters resulting from the High Court ruling. Kgabung said they are hopeful that it will be through this route that Mmui will validate their claims and desist from sowing seeds of confusion by pretending that there are two centres of power within Rollers which they know to be false. “We wish to assure the Township Rollers family and the nation at large that Mmui is nowhere near the management that was endorsed in June 2015 at an AGM in Palapye,” he said.
On the radio Shah was quoted saying, “I am nobody after the judgment of High Court, is there any future for me at Rollers? If there is no future I should move on.” This left many fans miserable to hear that from Shah who has transformed the club to make Rollers one of the most enviable teams around. When contacted for a word on the saga that has befell his team Somerset Gobuiwang said did not want to say anything but rather focused into the way forward. Rollers spokesman Phempheretlhe Pheto was hesitant to divulge anything more. He said he is very aware that the statement made by Shah on national radio has rubbed their fans the wrong way. He promised that by next week Wednesday he would to give something on the way forward for the team. On how much damage this has caused the team, Pheto said chaos cause confusion and that is why they have arranged to meet their supporters as soon as possible to discuss the matter. He said they are hoping for an amicable solution that will serve the interest of the club. “If we fail we will fail but we would have tried,” he said. 

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