Final nail on gymnastics’ coffin

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 December 2015   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Final nail on gymnastics’ coffin

 Gymnastics have not always been a popular sport in Botswana even during the existence of the Botswana Gymnastic Federation (BGF). The federation has since died a natural death and the final nail was punched into its coffin when the Botswana National Olympic Committee announced its de-registration this week.
The deregistration issue started at the May 2015 Ordinary General Assembly when it was proposed that the federation be de-registered. There was a concern that BGF did not pay their membership subscriptions.
According to the minutes of the OGA held in May 2015 efforts to locate the office bearers and/or offices have been futile. This is why a proposal was made to de-register it if it still remained inactive at the coming annual general assembly. Members have unanimously consented to the proposal hence the ultimate decision.   
When addressing the members, BNOC Chief Executive officer Tuelo Serufho said the federation is still inactive. Serufho said this was confirmed even by former president of the association during their investigations. “Indeed there has not been any activity at the federation,” he said.
The last time gymnastics was active was nine years ago (2006) when one Kutlwano Mothibi represented the code and won medals for it. Even though Mothibi was doing well, the federation mysteriously ceased activity after the competition. Those in the know say the federation struggled with finances, which eventually put it down to the ground.
The decision to de-register the federation came after complaints that the absence of gymnastics compromises the quorum at the meetings. Efforts by this publication to trace down Mothibi and the previous leadership of the federation were futile. 

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