GU’s big catch!

SHARE   |   Monday, 18 January 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Ralesotla Ralesotla

He is overjoyed that he is finally a Gaborone United player. The Premier League’s leading goal scorer Moatlhodi Ralesotla left Green Lovers as a free agent because they had not signed a contract with him. This means Green lovers lost massively – the talent in the player and the potential earnings they would have got had they had a contract with the lethal striker. It was only when they discovered the great interest he was getting that Green Lovers tried to put together a contract for him. He turned it down, when he realised that it was not lucrative enough.  

The club wanted to pay him P2500 per month as salary, and had a price tag of P150 000 on his head for a local team and P275 000 for an international team. He was only eligible for the 10% of his signing on fee. He refused the contract and management responded by denying him game time. He was now a free agent and settled for GU. The team had to give Green Lovers a fee for developing the player. It was alleged that at first Green Lovers refused to receive the money that GU wanted to pay, saying it was not enough and as such withheld Ralesotla’s licence. They ended up settling their differences on Friday. Knowing how much they needed the player because they have not been scoring many goals, GU did all to sign him.

Ralesotla is happy at how things have turned up. He said they welcomed him well at the team. He now he wants to focus and make sure that he gets back to doing the job that he knows best, which is of scoring goals. GU chairman Rapula Okaile said they believe with the quality of players that they have Ralesotla should be able to score so many goals than he did in the first leg of the season. “He managed to end the league as the top goal scorer even though his team was not performing very well, so with the calibre of players that we have at GU he will definitely be a stunner,” he said.