Mamelodi calls for good governance in soccer

SHARE   |   Monday, 25 January 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Mamelodi calls for good governance in soccer

FIFA Development Officer Ashford Mamelodi has called for good governance in the running of local football. Speaking at the end of a workshop hosted by Football Union Botswana (FUB), Mamelodi said good governance will take a team far and help create a brand that is not easy to break. He gave example as to how South African team Kaizer Chiefs was founded and how for decades they have maintained their growth and continue to have supporters globally. He said it is good governance that has led to their growth, where merchandise alone rakes in about US$30 million. “Kaizer Motaung has always said his biggest stakeholders are the fans when people expect him to say players, but of course the fan base is very important,” he said.

Mamelodi made reference to the distressing Township Rollers situation due to management challenges. “In the blink of an eye there is the possibility of one of the big teams in the country getting totally crushed,” he said in reference to Rollers. He emphasised the value of transparency and accountability. According to Mamelodi, most of the leaders in sport are not transparent in their dealings and urged FUB to make sure that things change. He said most of these problems are caused by resistance to change by those in charge.
FUB Secretary General Kgosana Masaseng said that they held the workshop because they were concerned about the level of negligence in the local football especially in regard to the players’ welfare. He said that it was a hard job convincing BFA and FIFA that they need the workshop but were very glad it finally happened.

Head of Technical Committee for FUB Saxton Kowa said it is time that the retired football players take centre stage and advocate for the code. He said local soccer legends should be taken seriously. “In Botswana you will see that at sport events all the people that will be giving the awards to football are people in the corporate world, why not the legends that we have that no one knows about,’ he said. He added that it baffling to see that so much money is also spent in the national team when money could be spent at the regions so that young athletes can be groomed well in order to have a consistent feed to the national team. “National team is the end product, so why take the flowers and leave the tree to die from the roots,’ he said.