Shah in contempt

SHARE   |   Monday, 25 January 2016   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Shah in contempt

 …Say Rollers supporters as they go back to court 

The saga at Township Rollers is far from over as divisions within the team seem to widen every day. This has left supporters with no choice but to go back to court to lodge a contempt of court application against the directors of Township Holdings which they hold responsible for the current debacle at the club. Speaking to the media on Thursday, one of the applicants in the case of Mookodi Seisa and Others against the Directors of Township Holdings Pty Ltd, Allen Compton revealed that they will be lodging a contempt of court application very soon. Compton said the application will be made before the end of next week ahead of the anticipated January 30th, 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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The applicants say the directors of Township Holdings especially Jagdish Shah, are not complying with the court order that the affairs of the clubs should be performed by the society. They are concerned that Shah is still involved with the running of the club despite the court judgement, hence he is in contempt. Even though Shah has on numerous occasions denied being in contempt, some members have dismissed this. The applicants pointed out that nothing has been handed over to the Society yet since the court judgement. “The club continues to generate income through different avenues but they society do not know where the funds goes,” said Compton.

According to Compton, Shah has continued to claim ownership of Rollers player, saying they remain property of his company (Township Holdings). This, he pointed out, was said through Shah’s lawyer after they wrote to him reminding him he was in contempt of court. Compton and his party are up in arms as they want to see the society given all that belongs to them. What even aggravates their sadness is that even the members of the interim committee they elected to run the affairs of the team are side-lined from every day running of the club. The interim committee is made up of 10 individuals, with five of them representing the society and the other believed to be for Shah. “The five representing the society are relatively side-lined. They are even not allowed to see or talk to the players as they are deemed to be the property of Township Holdings,” added Compton.

It looks like the concern has spread down even to the general membership with Rollers supporters now beginning to voice out their fears. The supporters now want the committee to solve the problems at the team before any elections could be held. According to Township Rollers Gaborone West supporters branch Secretary Kabelo Moremong, the interim committee has failed to deliver on their mandate. “The mandate given to the interim committee was to go and regularise the affairs of the society. This included addressing things like opening bank account for the society and controlling the revenue accrued as income and expenditure of the club from the society’s account. All these have not been achieved and we are of the view that calling for elections before fulfilment of their mandate would not be prudent,” said Moremong.

The supporters want the elections be scrapped from the AGM agenda to give the committee more time to fulfil their mandate. A member of the interim committee concurred with this. The member said holding elections now will not solve anything but bring more trouble for the new committee. “I support this move because everything has to be put in place before a new committee could be brought in,” he said. The supporters said to their knowledge the 30th January, 2016 meeting is meant for the interim committee to report back to the general assembly the progress they made. On the other hand pro-society committee members do not even know what they are going to report at the AGM. They pointed out that because they are side-lined even the treasurer does not have any report or records of transactions happening at the club. The interim committee treasurer Mfolwe Mfolwe indicated that his is just a ceremonial position because he does not know anything. “The money is coming in but none of it has ever come to my books,” said Mfolwe.