Thero remembered

SHARE   |   Monday, 08 February 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar

Botswana football is mourning the death of one of its favourite sons - Thero Gaadingwe. The former Gaborone United and national team player met his death when he suffered from a cardiac arrest following an intense training early this week. He comes from a generation of the likes of Phadza Butale and Diphetogo Selolwane among others. They were groomed by Kgosi Michael Gaborone. During a memorial for him at the National Stadium on Thursday veteran coach Saxton Kowa got emotional when talking about the massive talent that the young man had even though it was cut off by injury. He said that he was a man who played with passion, and football is what he wanted to do. He urged people to be happy because wherever he is he knows he is singing, as he wept when singing one of his favourite songs.

Thero’s uncle Moses Mmualefe said he had always been a visionary from a very young age. He said since he played football before he was happy that he took after him, and with that they became very close.  “He has always been kind and excellent at everything that he did,” he said. Every speaker showed Gaadingwe was not just a man who was good in football, but in everything that he did. Kelisitse Gilika, Phillip Makgalemele, and Phadza Butale referred to him as one of the best that they had in this country in terms of sport. It was revealed that when he realised he could not play anymore because of his injury, he encouraged Selolwane to go out there and make sure that he lives the dream.

It was also revealed that he was the speech writer for the late Gomolemo Motswaledi, and was one of the masterminds of the strategic team for the UDC’s 2019 campaign. MP Wynter Mmolotsi revealed that he was one of those that sponsored the party with anonymity, and his resources were always available for the party to do their campaigns. Mmolotsi said the sudden death of Motswaledi left the young man inconsolable because they were very close. “We are just the people that you see in the front but he was one of those masterminds that shaped the party, and he worked tirelessly,” he said. They all referred to him as a man with a weakness to excel, and his brother Thabo Gaadingwe said he is happy that he still died doing what he loved most, which was training. He was laid to rest on Friday morning.