Best female pitcher

SHARE   |   Monday, 08 February 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Best female pitcher

She is currently one of the best pitchers in the country. At just 24 years Mantho Pearl Mojeremane is soaring high. She aims to playing in countries like USA or Japan which performs far much better at World Series Championships. Even though softball is not one of the most popular sports in Botswana and even in Africa, Mojeremane has hope that one day Botswana will rank high in the ladies teams.  She started playing softball in 2006. She was inspired by her sister who played the sport. She joined Police IX in 2009 before moving to BDF IX in 2010. Two years later she was back with Police IX because that was the only place that felt like home to her. She worked very hard with her coach Tawina Phibion who believed in her a lot.

In 2014 she got her first call up for the national team - her biggest achievement in her career. She was part of the Botswana team that played in the World Series in Holland. “That was my first time with the national team and I had no experience at all, but they decided that I get in as the first pitcher,” she said. According to Mojeremane, she improved so much that it took no time for her to be the first pitcher. She did so effortlessly and Botswana won the game against Great Britain. Having played for Police IX all these years, she has reached six finals with the team and ended up with six silvers, while her first gold was last year in the Joy Global competition.

Last year she was picked as the best pitcher of the season in the BOFINET Softball League, and that opened many doors for her. She said despite all this, it has not been an easy journey for her because in 2012 she felt like quitting when she doubted her performance. Her coach told her to soldier on. “I am still playing now and it is very nice, because he taught me so much” she said. Mojeremane said softball is a very expensive sport because boots alone can just cost a P1000.00 which n can hinder many from taking part in the sport. She regretted that most softball teams do not have sponsors. 

She said that her family is supportive. She has been advised to focus on her softball career and play at the next World Series next year. “I listened and I think it makes sense, I am still young and now my career is my focus,” she said – meaning that having a kid will come later. On what she needs to perform well, she said fitness above all. “I am a lazy person, but the most important thing is skill and fitness,” she said. She said the level of the BOFINET league has grown competitive and all have to do more to win the ultimate crown. She is working very hard at the moment and is hoping for a sponsorship to pursue her sport in USA.  She advised that education and sport should be balanced well, because she was a top student in school despite playing softball. She has graduated from university without any problems and at the moment she is working and playing at the same time.